Cold Case Mystery: Grocery store murder

Merry Shiver
Merry Shiver

(Cayce) November 30, 2006 - Five years ago Thursday, Merry Shiver was gunned down in a grocery store. Her daughter says she hurts now just as much as the day her mother died.

That daughter was 12 when her mother was murdered. Now 17, she's holding on to every memory, even her mother's smell. She won't let go of that, or the desire to see the murderers behind bars.

Merry Shivers was a wife and mother killed five years ago. Her daughter, Kelly, was just 12-years-old when her dad told her, "I haven't been able to grow up with my mom. She hasn't been able to teach me things a mom should teach a girl."

Shivers was shot during a robbery when she was working at the Piggly Wiggly in Cayce. She died at the register. Detective Karl Kenley is working the case, "Witnesses saw two males come in, based on the voices they were male, dressed in black, masks and some type of gloves."

Investigators say the robbers fired two shots with two different weapons. One bullet went through Shivers and also struck another employee in the elbow. The other bullet hit a soda machine.

A year later, three men were arrested for Shivers' murder, but went free because there wasn't enough evidence.

Detective Karl Kenley has worked the case for more than three years. Kenley feels he's closer than ever to catching Shivers' killer, "It's got to be done. It's what I do. I'm not at agency now but I still devote as much as I can."

After five years, Kelly remembers her mom through pictures, and something more comforting to a little girl, "I don't remember how she dressed or how she did her hair, makeup. The only thing I really remember is the way she smelled. She wore White Diamonds perfume. I'll never forget that."

On the Christmas tree every year, Kelly hangs a picture of her mother and a dove from her mom's funeral, a symbol of peace.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

Posted 11:44pm by Chantelle Janelle