Sanford's response

(Columbia) November 14, 2006 - Gov. Mark Sanford issued the following statement on the Legislative Audit Council's report detailing its findings on the SC Department of Transportation:

"It's never been clearer that meaningful structural change is needed at DOT, because the current lack of accountability has failed the hundreds of great employees there and it's failed taxpayers across the state," Gov. Sanford said. "Whether it's overpaying by tens of millions for contracts, purposeful manipulation of account balances, or violating state law when it comes to temporary employees, this report is disturbing to me and should be disturbing to anyone who cares about taxpayers and anyone who cares about our state's infrastructure. What's most disturbing of all, though, is the fact that rather than acknowledge that improvements need to be made, the DOT has chosen to try and shoot the messenger and go on the attack against the Legislative Audit Council. Bringing real accountability and structural reform to this agency will be one of our top priorities in the coming legislative session, and that must come before any discussion of new funding. I'd urge members of the House and Senate to join me in that mission, and we look forward to working with them as they begin their subcommittee process to look at these findings."