Your comments from day one

(Midlands) November 7, 2006 - Here's what some of you had to say on day one of 'Waist Management.' To send us an update and let us know how you are doing, click here>>

  • GE, Irmo
    I have made a commitment to myself to start this today!
  • PA, Hopkins
    Need all the help I can get - 160 pounds overweight - please help.
  • LH, West Columbia
    I recently lost 10 lbs. on weight watchers, but have put some of it back on, need some more motivation.
  • SB, Columbia
    Will start today 11/7/06. Hope to lose one dress size or atleast waist size.
  • CN, Columbia
    Why should you be picked?: It sounds easy enough to try, but excluding the
    five items will be the hardest part.  Reading lables will take time.  Of
    course once you learn how to make healthy choices, that too will become
  • SS, Lexington
    A few years ago I was at 160lbs.  At 5' 1", not good.  I dropped to 117lb.  Now, I'm slowly climbing back up.  Presently back to 129.  YIKES.  Your suggestions are very similar to what I was doing previously when I lost the weight.  It was truely amazing.  I lost
    the 43lbs withing 4-5 months.  I have alot of anxiety about this weight coming back on and the temptation of food is very great along with motivation being very low....  Thanks for these kinds of articles. They're certainly needed so close to the holidays.
  • MC, Sumter
    I am going to try this.  I am about 20 pounds heavier than I would like to be.  I need to lose about 6 inches on my waist.  I will see where I am in two weeks.
  • JM, Columbia
    It's a bit ironic to me that you are covering this diet. After watching that episode of Oprah and looking at my own cupboard, I was, at first, pretty aggrevated. I've been doing what I assumed to be healthy eating for the last few months and came to find out that everything that looked healthy was, according to the doctors, forbidden. At first I
    completely rejected the idea of this diet until I found the doctors website that told me what I COULD eat instead of what I couldnt eat. It was just enough of a relief to get me on board. I'll be officially starting the diet after my regular grocery shopping on Thursday. I'll be interested to see how it goes for others. Thanks for tracking the story.
  • JC, West Columbia
    I am currently 40 lbs. over weight and only 26.  I look forward to this diet.  I will do my best to staying committed.  Thank you.
  • TC, Columbia
    I was watching the new this morning and decided to try this program. I would like to trim down some of the excess fat that was left around my abdomen after childbirth. I'll keep you guys posted on my results!
  • AM, Lexington
    I'm just getting started today.  I will take a measurement tomorrow morning.
  • SS, Pelion
    Staring today I will follow this program and hope to lose weight. Im at 153 lbs. No pictures at the moment.
  • KR, Columbia
    I am desperately looking for a way to jump start my current health status.  I am 5'11" and I currently weigh in at 242.  I believe that my height has saved the obvious view of my overweight body.  I have tried doing this on my own and usually fail within two weeks.  I am searching for accountability and a specific program....Help!!!