The WOW! Factor

In a corner of our mind there is a place where no one goes, where times past are re-lived... Times when remembered give us warm fuzzy feelings and, perhaps bring a tear to our eyes as we long to recapture the fountain of our youth.

Perhaps this is why we seek the beauty of  Wood Flooring.  Like grandmother's oak sideboard, wood floors, just by their nature, become close-to-the-heart and more and more valuable as time goes by.

Wood flooring introduces a definite stature and an undeniable charm to any room. Trends fade and fashion changes, but at Flooring by Cogdill, we help you create design that goes beyond extraordinary. Wood floors transcend time. They hang in there through puppet shows, parties, wrestling matches and muddy feet. They become part of the family, and of the home, the way no other flooring surface ever could.  An elegant and enduring statement of beauty that transcends time.

At Cogdill, we help you define your own personal style of decorating so you can bask in the admiration of friends and family who see the results. Because of its renewability, hardwood flooring can actually cost a lot less than other types of flooring. Unless it is hardwood, you are generally left with one option when flooring gets worn: you replace it. With hardwood, you have three options.

We show you  timeless styles that unite the best elements of design, quality and durability.  Hardwood flooring has stood witness to the history of this country - as part of our colonial past; as an early flooring choice for churches and courthouses; as a core part of homes in the mountains, in the desert, by the sea and in lofts and apartments with big city addresses.

Click Here to see Slide Show/Harris-Tarkett Long Strip  This same craftsmanship can now be blended with the advances of modern technology to achieve flooring that's beautiful yet easy to install and maintain. You get the best of both worlds.