Lead STORY investigator makes appeal for help

I want to share about a critically important study for African American women with breast cancer.  The study's title is STORY (Sisters Tell Others and Revive Yourself).  This title describes the purpose of the study which is to determine if a support group by telephone (STORY) is better than other kinds of support in helping African American women with breast cancer manage treatment and side effects.  STORY uses many kinds of stories to help women learn how to deal with cancer.

With your assistance we can break the chains that have prevented African American women from linking with other women and learning to deal with cancer.  These chains are fear, silence and lack of understanding.  Everyone needs to speak out concerning breast cancer in African American women and encourage others to broadcast the facts.  For example, twice as many African American women die from breast cancer than do white women (even though breast cancer occurs more often in white women).  The unique psychosocial needs of African American women with breast cancer are not being fully addressed.  STORY may be the solution to this problem and may provide a model for the rest of the country to use in supporting these women.

Our goal is to help the African American woman with breast cancer deal with her cancer so that she may live a full life in spite of the stress she experiences.  STORY aims to help African American women feel they are not alone that other women have survived. The team for the project includes Dr. Sandra Underwood, a prominent African American nurse researcher, and prominent African American physicians Dr. Rudy Wise and Dr. Raleigh Boulware.  All the study recruiters, data collectors, and group leaders are African American.  The study has approval by the Palmetto Health Institutional Review Board to protect human subjects.

Please join our efforts to tell others about STORY.  Become a member of our informal network, the STORY Circle.  There is no cost to join.

What would you do? 

  • Share about STORY with your friends, co-workers, family and church members.
  • Encourage any African American woman with breast cancer that you know to contact us about the study.  If she cannot be in the study, we may be able to refer her to other support and help.
  • Encourage others to join the STORY Circle

What Would You Receive? 

  • Bookmarks, fact sheets and pencils to help you share.
  • A certificate of membership in the STORY Circle.
  • The rich reward of knowing that you have contributed toward improving the health of your community.

Unless you object, we would like to send you a periodic update of our progress with this project.

Act today.  Please help us keep the circle unbroken. 

  • Complete the form below and return in the stamped self addressed envelope
  • Email us at STORY@palmettohealth.org
  • Call 803-434-3118 or 1-800-775-2287 (if outside Columbia).
  • Request a speaker for your group if desired


Sue P. Heiney, PhD, RN, CS

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