Basic Vehicle Care and Maintenance Ideas

1. Purchase the proper vehicle for your needs.  Don't buy a Hummer if you're going to deliver newspapers, or a pickup truck if you're not going to haul anything.  Assess your needs and buy what you need.

2. Use the proper grade of fuel in your vehicle.  Each model automobile has a fuel octane recommended.  Adhere to the recommendation and the fuel injection system will be cleaner and carbon buildup will be minimized.

3. Keep your car clean inside and out.  Your car will perform better, it will be more pleasurable to drive, and the resale value will be higher.

4. Observe a vehicle maintenance and repair schedule to enhance the safety, longevity and value of your automobile.

5. Locate a good, professional repair shop that you can trust and build a working relationship with.

6. Use the proper oils and fluids in your car.  Your Owner's Manual is a good source of information or your repair shops reference manual can be your guide.  It is not recommended that fluids be mixed.