NFL drawing more female fans

(Columbia) September 7, 2006 - When you think of a football fan, you usually think of a group of men cheering in the stands or around the living room television. But the face of football is changing, and more and more women are getting into the game.

Women are catching football fever. Almost half of NFL fans are women, and writer Betsy Berns says it's not surprising.

"A lot of women are realizing this is a family event and it's what everyone is talking about September through January," says Berns.

She says you don't have to know all the stats, players or plays to get into the game.

"Learn what the stories are. Human interest stories draw women and it's a fun story to follow all weekend," she suggests. "If you follow it like a soap opera, you'll be into it."

It must be working, because female fans are grabbing tickets, seats and merchandise at record rates.

That gives the NFL something to cheer about.

Posted 5:09pm by Chantelle Janelle