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  • DB, Charlotte
    I was David's squad leader on his first tour in country last year. He was a brave man, who had more values then most Marines I've had the pleasure of leading. He was intelligent, brave and had a knack about him that made me respect him, even though I was his senior. He will be missed but will never be forgotten!
  • DZ, Lexington
    When I met David, he made me laugh, and that has stuck with me since that day  The few times I did get to see him, he was always smiling, making sure everyone around him was laughing.  His family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.  God Bless..
  • RM, Chicago, Illinois
    I knew David while attending the University of South Carolina. I became very close to him, and was able to meet his mother and sister during that time. I agree, he loved them both beyond what one could explain in mere words. He had an immensely kind heart and a sense of humor that brought much love and joy to the world.  I feel terrible for his family, and all the families ( on both sides) that have sufferd from the lose of loved ones. I myself lost my own brother 3 years ago (not in Iraq) and can empathize with others that experience such pain. My thoughts and love go out to David's family. He was a very brave and loving person. I am adamently opposed to this war, for reasons that are clearly obvious! More and more innocent lives are taken every single day, leaving behind shatterd famlies that will NEVER be the same. I admire David, because his heart was always in the right place. I do not admire a president that has made it clear to his country that he isn't capable to protect his fellow Americans. I think his reaction to 9/11, this war (that was said to be because of 9/11,) and his response of all the victims of Katrina, right here in the US---- have been nothing but slaps in the face to all Americans! Also, those countries that were at one time our allies, no longer have faith in the United States! People and their famlies have put their lives on the line-- when will we say that ENOUGH is ENOUGH? All the lies and cover-ups that the Bush administration have participated in has ruined the not only the reputation of our country, but most importantly the LIVES of thousands! How about Bush sending his children and loved ones over there to fight!!!!!! I feel immense sorrow for David's family, and simutaneously I feel immensely angry that such a selfish and unqualified imbecile is running an amazing country like our own into the ground! I urge all fellow Americans to put as much pressure on their congressmen to get us out of this war and vote for an unselfish, capable, and highly diplomatic person in the next presidental election. The next president of our country must have amazing diploacy skills to undo all the damage Bush has created across the world! If not, I fear we will have WWIII on our hands---and then what? David was a ray of sunshine in a world full of darkness. Let our memory of him give us strength to stand-up and demand that the people across the world see peace in America, not death. I think David would want it that way. It reminds me of a beautiful quote from Ghandi: "An eye for an eye, and the whole world is blind." Again, I am so sorry for David's family, and will continue to speak-out against this war for David and also for the all the other unfair deaths of thousands. Until one has lost some one very close to them, it is difficult to explain to others the hollow void that is left inside of you. I know time can heal a small part of this void, but nothing will ever be the same. David, Thank You for being so brave. We will never forget you--- never!

  • MM, Columbia
    I had the PLEASURE of meeting Dave thru his wonderful sister,Kelly...and i last saw him at her best friend's wedding, my neighbor! He was such a "charming" and funny guy! I asked him to dance at the reception and he was kind of shy...but, a fun and sweet guy!!! i had promised him a massage when he got back...i really felt a connection with him and respected his great LOVE for his sister and mom!!! When i got the call yesterday from Chris, Kelly's best friend, i was so so so sad, as i had just lost my pop and sister past 8 months...Kelly wanted a massage...i was honored she came and i told her this massage was on me, then, during the massage...i felt Dave tell me to tell her, "this one was from him!"
  • PG, Columbia
    I didn't know him. My thoughts and prayer are with his family and friends. This is a sad day.
  • LV, Mauldin
    I had been blessed to meet David earlier this summer.  David's Aunt Pam had introduced he and I and I had never been so immediately captivated by someone before.  David's inviting smile and gentle manner was in contrast to his size of 6'5''.  He could make you laugh and had this energy around him that was intoxicating.  Within moments of meeting David, I honestly and completely adored him and I know I always will.  The night before David had to leave to return to Camp Lejeune I drove down from Mauldin to be with him in Columbia.  We went out to 5-Points and he showed me places where he and his friends lived and partied.  He showed me a part of his life and I still feel lucky to know that much more about him.  David had to shave his hair prior to reporting to Camp Lejeune and, if you knew David, you know how hard it was for him to do this.  We laughed and took pictures of his half-shaved head and he, even preparing to leave, was full of life and making jokes, comforting me more than I could him.  As much pain and hurt and fury that I feel due to his death, I feel very lucky and blessed to hurt, because it means that I got to know and to love David.  It is not David's death that made him a hero and an amazing self-less person, but the way David lived.  I will forever mourn his death, but I will always celebrate his life.  Rest in Peace, David.
    PP, Columbia
    Kelly, I am so sorry about David.  I know how much you loved him and admired him.  We are all so proud of him but also very sad.  When I last saw you at the mall you were talking about how you hated to see him go to Iraq and how concerned you were.  All of his classmates are so devastated by this.  Jennifer said Myles Solomon is so depressed!  We all appreciate his valor and pride for his country.  There is a special place in heaven for him!
  • MV, Columbia
    no we did not know you but our thoughts and prayers are with you  i saw the interview of the young man on tv and our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • GN, Indio
    david served with me from jan 05 to jan 06. he was in my fire team with 2nd marine regiment. he also served under me on the regimental JUMP team. he was my room mate while we were in 3/2 lima co. he was a great man. my condolences to the family.
  • HP, Irmo
    David and I went through middle and high school together.  He was truely an amazing guy!  When I heard about his death I found myself remembering all of the wonderful memories he left. Just as everyone else said, he really was there to brighten your day and he always seemed motivated to get one of those really good gut laughs out of you.  I didn't see him at our highschool reunion.  I wish I would have!  I feel like David was an angel sent from God to bring a smile to someones face even in their darkest moment.  There are not a lot of people out there that have that gift and that can leave such a strong impact on someones life. Kelly, I want you and your parents to know that you and your family have been in my prayers.  I just wish I could tell David thanks for standing up for our country and for reminding me of how I wish I were just a little bit more like him!
  • DB, Blythewood
    Our family did not know Cpl. David Weimortz but we do want to send our sympathy to his family.  No matter what our opinions are regarding this war, it doesn't change the fact that this young man was willing to sacrifice his life for someone else. His willingness to serve shows that he was a selfless individual.  He gave his life for those in Iraq and for those of us living here.  We are thankful for him and all of those who serve both here in the United States and for those elsewhere.
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all during this most difficult time.
  • LL, Columbia
    Although I never had the priviledge of meeting David, I had a sense of the kind of person he was from his mother Fran and his sister Kelly. His love for his family and his country were evidenced in their words and descriptions of him. My heart goes out to the family. This was a young man who served his country and his family with honor. It is a terrible loss for both!
  • SP, Lexington
    Did not know this hero but as a Marine myself stationed at MCAS Beaufort and a former recruiter for Irmo HS as well as a graduate from IRMO HS I am deeply saddened and the family is in my prayers as I mourn with them. Semper Fidelis
  • CC, Hermosa Beach
    David was the same age as both of my older sisters and went to elementary through high school with them and I also danced with Kelly for several years.  David came to visit my sister and I in California and a couple of days after he left we came home to find thank you letters he had written to all of us including one to Simon the cat thanking him for sharing his bed (aka the floor). David was one of the funniest persons I've ever known.  His stories are the ones you could hear 30 years from now and still fall on the floor laughing.  Anyone who's ever had the privledge to meet David or Kelly knows how truly special their family is. My prayers are with them. GOD BLESS!!
  • LM, Canton
    WOW!!!  great young man /lots of energy,LOVED GOLF!!!!!!!
  • DM, Canton
    I was the graduating class after David, he was an awesome friend and an excellent individual.  I joined the USMC 1 year after him and as I was made his brother by the United States Marine Corps, I will mourn him as a fellow Marine, as a friend, and as a family memeber. Goodbye David.
  • MK, Greenville
    Dave was such a great guy. He will be missed.
  • EG, Lexington
    David was a great Marine and he was serving his country proudly.  He was good at what he did and he was doing it honorably. I have been friends with David since I was a little girl, we went to school and church together since we were in elementary school.  If you were in class with David you were LAUGHING!  He was a crazy, lovable, loyal friend.  He could make you laugh at anything and he could put sunshine on any situation.  David LOVED his sister Kelly more than words can discribe and she loved him back the same way.  David loved his friends and family unconditionally and would have done anything for anyone.  As another Marine said to me earlier this week, "David is guarding the streets of Heaven now."  He will be truly missed.
  • CS, Camden
    David always had a smile on his face and wasn't sastified until everyone around him did as well.  He brought happiness to everyone around him!
  • NV, Lexington
    The Weimortz family lived next door to me in the Raintree Acres Subdivision off of Kennerly Road in 1978 thru 1988 and my daughter Carrie and David were pre-school friends.  While Fran Weimortz (David's mother) became an inspiration to me to be the perfect role model as a mother, I could never live up to her standards.She exemplified motherhood. Even after David and my daughter grew up and David's family moved into the Dutch Fork School district, my daughter still remembers David and says he was her pre-school sweetheart, and they were simply precious at ages 3 and 4 playing together. Fran, Terry and Kelly, I love you all, and am honered that we had the priveledge in sharing part of his life with all of you. It was taken much too soon. May you all have peace knowing he is resting in a place where there is no hurt, or pain forever.
  • DA, Irmo
    David was a tall, strapping ,well mannered,caring,gracious & kind young man with a sense of humour as well. May his family and friends know that our lives, as well as theirs, were blessed for having known him. May they also know that the memory of his sweet spirit will live in our hearts forever!
  • SB, Monetta
    David is a cousin. I did not recognize the name but the photos of his mother and sister immiediately brought home  the war. his annt several generations back was betsy ross, widow of john ross, who was killed when a powder magazine exploded. I appreciate the coverage and the information as I would have missed my cousins name in an obituary.  thank you
  • CP, Lexington
    David is one of the best guys I have ever known in my life.  I lived next door to him for 3 years and he always kept things fun.  Even when he had a tough day he had a smile on his face and wanted to make everyone around him laugh.  I still remember when he told my wife and I that he enlisted in the military and how excited he was.  We were all worried about him but he is up above right now in a better place, cracking some jokes and counting down till the Carolina game Thursday night.  We miss you!
  • NV, Lexington
    The Weimortz family lived next door to me in the Raintree Acres Subdivision off of Kennerly Road in 1978 thru 1988 and my daughter Carrie and David were pre-school friends.  While Fran Weimortz (David's mother) became an inspiration to me to be the perfect role model as a mother, I could never live up to her standards.She exemplified motherhood. Even after David and my daughter grew up and David's family moved into the Dutch Fork School district, my daughter still remembers David and says he was her pre-school sweetheart, and they were simply precious at ages 3 and 4 playing together. Fran, David Sr. and Kelly (sister) I love you all, and am honered that we had the priveledge in sharing part of his life with all of you. It was taken much too soon. May you all have peace knowing he is resting in a place where there is no hurt, no pain forever.
  • KF, Irmo
    First, let me send my deepest condolences to David's family. I was in elementary, middle, and high school with David. We graduated together in 95 from Dutch Fork High School. David was the type of person who was ALWAYS making people laugh. He was friends with everyone. David, you gave your life for all of us. You are an american hero. We are so proud of you.
  • JW, San Diego, CA
    David was my second oldest grahdson. While I did not have the pleasure of knowing him and enjoying him in his younger years He made two trips to see me in California efore finishing USC. He was always in our prayers. We will miss him. He had planned to become a laywyer like his uncle Joe Jr, God Bless Him
  • MM, Columbia
    David Weimortz was a HERO to us all.  He was so much more than a marine to those of us that knew him.  He and his sister, Kelly, were the two closest siblings I have ever met.  His prescence is one that takes hold of you and you can never forget.  He had the most adorable smile and witty sense of humor of anyone!  He is beloved by many, and sorely missed.
  • AM, Irmo
    It broke my heart when I heard of David's death.I went to school with David and not only did he have an endearing kind personality.But,he was a loyal friend to me.We were neighbors for a long time as well and there was one thing for sure David Loved Kelly ( his sister) beyond belief. Everyone who knew David knew that and my first reaction to this news was one of shock,sadness and a feeling of hurt for not only David's parents But,Kelly.Kelly can be confident her brother loved her very much. AS I drove by my parents house today I remembered how I use to always wave to David when he would be in His  front yard hitting golf balls and it breaks my heart to think he will never hit another one. My heart goes out to David's family as I know they have lost someone who was close to many people's heart.And as a Mother now myself I can say David definitly was a son his parents could be proud of.
  • KM, Chapin
    I taught David when he was in the 6th grade. One of the things that I will always remember about him is his smile. I could be having a down day and he would walk in with that smile and brighten up my day. He had a zest for life that was contagious. He never met a stranger. He was one of those that stole a piece of your heart and was remebered long after he left your class.
  • PZ, Lexington:
    I Knew him briefly threw his mother and she would speak of her son as if he was a hero before heading off to fight for our freedom now he will be a hero in my heart.
  • CP, Irmo:
    David was an incredible person.  He grew up with my daughter and her friends at Dutch Fork High School.  We all truly loved him!  In my opinion he lived to make people laugh.  David was full of life and loved life.  Unfortunately I haven't seen him since he joined the marine corps. He was an honorable man in his military life, as well as in his character as a friend, student and a  Christian.  David's sense of humor, generous nature, courage and leadership are only a few of the attributes that made him stand out as the person that anyone would be proud to know.  Terry, Fran and Kelly my thoughts and prayers are with you.  His greatest joy was making other people laugh.  He gave his heart, soul and life for others and our country!  What more can I say?  David will remain in my heart forever!
  • DS, Columbia:
    I do not know him, but his face is so innocent and his smile is so peaceful. It only takes "ONE JOY" to lift a spirit and blessed be the person who will give it. May God bless and keep his Family. (especially his Mom & Dad)
  • RC, Irmo:
    I had the pleasure of coaching David in baseball at 7 Oaks Park. I was so overwhelemed and saddened to hear the news of his death.  I just couldn't believe it.....I remembered back to when he was on our Midland Air Major A baseball team.........David was always good for a laugh, mischief and his love of the game. David was larger than most of the other players back then.  David was a super pitcher for our team  with a wicked fast ball.   But, David always wanted to hit homeruns and the idea of playing "little ball" by get them on, get them over and get them in,  was tough for all of the players to comprehand. But, I constantly reminded David that being physically big didn't always produce homeruns, swinging hard and fast didn't always help either........BUT, I will never forget (one of my foundest memories and the one that came to mind last night as I was thinking and praying for David and his family) the BIGGEST smile on David's face when he knocked out a homerun and he had taken his time, slowed his swing down and didn't try to knock out a homerun and the light blub went on for him from then on.........Right now, I have to believe because I can't understand WHY David?  But, I can bet that right now God is holding his sides from laugher because David has just told HIM a too funny joke.....David is a real hero for his willingness to pull two tours of duty in Iraq.....and I have to believe that his death is not in vain because his family, his friends and this community has lost a fine young man who has left far too early in his life..........
  • MM, Columbia:
    The first time David went to Iraq, Kelly threw a going-away party for him and invited us. I feel blessed that I got to meet this dynamic person even just one time. His sense of humor and great personality left a lasting impression on my husband and I. We had been looking forward to meeting him again someday. We are deeply saddened by the Weimortz family's loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. I'd better go before I cry again...
  • JD, Columbia
    I watched a video last night from 1995 of some DF athletes performing a "Just Say No" skit for the students at Irmo Elementary. I was one of those athletes and so was David. There was no sound but just watching David brought back just how wonderful of a guy he was. Always funny and making everyone smile. As a Marine, David is a part of a strong brotherhood that I know he was proud of and that our Nation will be proud of for years to come. God bless you David and your family. I'm honored to have been your friend.
  • BS, Irmo
    David was part of our little group of friends in Old Friarsgate. As kids, we would ride bikes all over the neighborhood and push the envelope to see how far we could get... crossing some streets we weren't allowed to cross along the way. I moved away after high school and lost touch with David, but I will never forget him. He was the first friend I ever had - at four years old - and his memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. David stated that he had no regrets. That's the only thing comforting me at this time.
  • SH, Moore
    David and I worked together briefly at Birds on a Wire in Columbia. He was such a friendly individual and I enjoyed seeing him daily at work. I am proud to say I knew him at one time and I am so sorry he is no longer with us. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
  • AM, Irmo
    I am very close friends with David's sister Kelly and I feel honored to have known David. He loved his sister deeply and it showed. David was such an outgoing and funny person who touched so many people's lives. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Kelly and the Weimortz family will be in our prayers
  • CE - Atlanta, GA
    If you could only use one word to describe Dave it would have been funny. He was always making some crazy joke and he could have just about anyone laughing hysterically within minutes. My heart goes out to his family and all of his friends - he had a ton. He will be missed.
  • ED, Leesville
    I was saddened to hear about David's death while serving his country. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  • DM, Columbia
    I knew David well. I went to DF High with him and even went to middle school with him at Irmo Middle Campus I. David was a great person and a very funny individual. I remember when we were in high school he would pick me and my friend up in his old beat up "57 Chevy and we would go to the local gym and play basketball. David and I had Spanish class in I think tenth or eleventh grade and we used to sit in the back of the class and laugh all period long. He was the type of guy that kept you rolling all class long. We always used to get in trouble for talking and laughing but it was worth it. When I heard the news i just couldnt believe what I was hearing. I thought of david as a friend and a buddy. I havent seen him in a few years as he has been in the military serving our country, but I never forgot him. I will dearly miss my friend. I wish I had an opportunity to talk with him one last time before his time came, but thats how it goes sometimes. To the Weimortz family I extend my deepest and most sincere condolonces. My heart goes out to all of you. I knew David and the void his passing has placed upon us will never be filled but we can only try by keeping his memeory alive and never forgetting the memories that we have shared with our friend, brother,and son. God Bless your soul buddy, we will miss you Dave.
  • JD, Charleston
    Dave was a great friend, unbelievable person, and a true hero...its just a devastating loss
  • RS, Columbia
    Worked with his Dad - heard about David for many years - his dad was very proud of him!
  • HO, Little Mountain
    To the family, I did not know this fine young Marine. But he is a hero and protector of this great nation. All the hearts and minds of our family go out to the Weimortz family. GOD Bless you Cpl. Weimortz and your family.
  • BR, Chapin
    David and I were close friends in High School and we played high school golf together. David was a loyal friend and had a good heart. I have many good memories of our friendship. My deepest sympathies go out to his parents any sister.
  • RS, Columbia
    Loved golf, very outgoing, and very friendly. David was easy to get to know and had a great sense of humor.
  • RS, McBee
    I did not know him personally but I know his sister, Kelly. She spoke of him often. This family has lost someone very special. My thoughts and prayers are with you all,
  • CDM, Lexington
    I dont even know what to say...my heart goes out to Fran Terry and Kelly. I knew the Weimortz for many years back in Irmo I babysat for little David and his baby sister Kelly. I love them both and Fran thier mother my heart aches for them. God Bless you David I can see you clearly as if it was yesterday running all over the yard with your little boy body with flushed cheeks not too happy I was there to babysit you but full of sweetness anyway. Your babysitter who tucked in in at night..

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