Cold Case Mystery: Woman's body found in Fairfield County

Tamarra Range
Tamarra Range

(Fairfield County) August 24, 2006 - Last year, a woman left work in Columbia and two months later her body was found. She may be victim number two.

Ernestine Surls had a hard time accepting her death, "When I viewed her bones her remains I felt every bone there was nothing there to remind me of her. So I couldn't accept it was my child. She didn't leave me like this."

Tamarra Range, 20, disappeared from Columbia last September. Two months later, deer hunters discovered her body off I-77 in Fairfield County. What happened is a mystery.

Chief Deputy Keith Lewis says, "We're kind of on the trail that she was kidnapped in Richland County and brought into our county."

Range was last seen at Studio 54 in Richland County. She worked as an exotic dancer. People here knew her as T.T.

Investigators believe Range could be their suspect's second victim. Weeks before her disappearance, another woman was found in Fairfield County. She fought off her attacker.

Lewis tells WIS, "We're currently working another investigation now where there was a woman in that same area, Studio 54 and she was kidnapped brought into Fairfield County and sexually assaulted."

Investigators hope someone saw Range leave Studio 54 that morning. Her mother has questions for her killer. "Wanting to know what was her last words? Why you have to do this? What's the reason for you to do this to her?"

Her mother said three weeks before her daughter's disappearance she said she wanted to stop dancing.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

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