Buy It & Try It: Auto Cool

(National) August 22, 2006 - You see items advertised every day that make all kinds of incredible claims. One WIS viewer, Jeanne Brutschy, sent us an email wondering if the "Auto Cool" is as great as the ads say. She writes, "With all of the extreme hot weather we've been having, I'm curious as to whether the device that's touted to cool your car really works."

So WIS put it to the Buy It & Try It test.

The Auto Cool claims it can pull stifling heat out and keep the inside of your car cool - no matter how long it sits in the sun. It has a solar panel on the front and a fan in the back. Once the sun hits the panel, the fan starts spinning.

To put the Auto Cool to the test, we parked two cars, a Honda CRV and a Honda Accord, side by side. We put the Auto Cool in the CRV.

Installation seemed pretty simple. Just hang the auto cool in the center of the window, measure the weather stripping, cut it to size, then slide it down both sides of the window.

But WIS' Judi Gatson noticed a problem. There was a gap between the weather stripping and the Auto Cool. With some extra pieces of the molding shaped to the Auto Cool, the fit was improved slightly.

After one hour, the inside of the Accord without the Auto Cool was up to 125 degrees, and getting hotter. After two hours, the Accord was 136 degrees. In the CRV, the thermometer was showing 133 degrees.

Posted 7:01pm by Chantelle Janelle