Consumer Alert: Magazine highlights what "organic" really means

(National) August 10, 2006 - In the beauty aisle, the word "organic" appears on everything from body lotion to shampoo. And if you're like most people, you probably assume that means what's inside is, well, organic.

But Lisa Lee Freeman, editor of the new magazine Shopsmart  from Consumer Reports, says you have to do some detective work to find real organic body-care products, "The problem is body-care products are not really adequately regulated. As a result, consumers can end up buying something that's not completely organic."

For example, one face mask has organic in the brand name, but the label shows it has propylparaben. A shampoo also calls itself organic, but the label says it has  cocamidopropyl betaine. Those synthetics have not been approved by the government as ingredients for use in organic products.

Consumer Reports' Shopsmart has advice on how to shop for organic body-care products. Freeman gives a tip, "Look for a seal that says the product is certified organic. One common seal is from the USDA, and that means the product is 95 percent or more organic."

If you don't see a seal, a quick look at the ingredients will likely tell you it's not entirely organic. That way you won't end up  overpaying for something that's not quite as organic as it seems.

Consumer Reports' Shopsmart is a magazine for women that's going on sale August first. It's a quarterly magazine that will  highlight best products to buy.

Posted 10:26pm by Chantelle Janelle

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