Leaders celebrate 90 years of Federal Farm Loan Act

(Columbia) July 24, 2006 - The Federal Farm Loan Act has been helping farmers and their families for 90 years.

Leaders came together Monday to celebrate the signing of the act. The celebration was at the Woodrow Wilson family home in Columbia.

President Wilson signed the act in 1916. The legislation created the farm credit system, which gives loans to farmers.

Even 90 years later, officials say agriculture still plays a vital role to the economy. Agriculture commissioner Hugh Weathers spoke about that impact, "That partnership that we call agriculture, makes up almost 25 percent of South Carolina's economy, accounts for almost 20 percent of our employment. So agriculture is still big business in South Carolina, and farm credit system still plays a vital part in its future."

At Monday's celebration, officials also discussed efforts to restore the Woodrow Wilson family property.

Posted 7:55pm by Chantelle Janelle