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Cold Case Mystery: The nail-gun killer

(Richland County) July 11, 2006 - What's baffling is not where William Lee was killed, but how. He was beaten and shot three times with a power tool - a nail gun.

Captain Stan Smith with the Richland County Sheriff's Department says his agency refers to this murder as the nail gun case.

The 32-year-old was constructing crates in a warehouse off Shop Road in Richland County. It was late at night nearly fifteen years ago.

"Lee's wife found his body here early the next morning. Not only had he been beaten and shot with a nail gun but also set on fire," says Smith. "Some gasoline was used and thinner. It was overkill ... a brutal brutal murder."

Captain Smith thinks Lee was killed during a robbery because his gold chain was missing. Investigators never developed any strong leads, but have a few good clues.

Two imprints from an expensive shoe found at the scene. Smith believes one of the killers wore a particular shoe, a giorgio brutini, a size 9.5.

"Hopefully someone at this time will decide their conscious has had enough of this and will call in when they see this and give Mr. Lee's family some closure to the situation," Smith says.

The best clue in this case is the murder weapon. It was missing from the crime scene. Investigators believe the killer may still have the nail gun that killed Lee.

Reported by Maggie Alexander 

Posted 11:15pm by Graeme Moore

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