Defense witnesses describe hard life for convicted Tennessee woman

(Greenville-AP) June 26, 2006 - Lawyers for a Tennessee woman convicted of killing a Greenville executive two years ago called witnesses Monday who said she was a battered woman and remembered few details of the businessman's death.

Jurors are deciding whether 29-year-old Jennifer Holloway and her common-law husband, 36-year-old David Wendell Edens will be sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty for killing 71-year-old former Sara Lee executive Jim Cockman.

The two were convicted last week of murdering Cockman as they tried to steal a Chevrolet Suburban he had for sale in September 2004.

Social worker Marti Loring testified that Holloway does not remember some of what happened as the couple met Cockman in northern Greenville County.

Holloway's mother, Brenda Harris, told jurors Holloway struggled during her childhood to deal with a father who did not love her.

Posted 8:52pm by Chantelle Janelle