Buy It & Try It: Anti-identity theft pen

(Columbia) May 19, 2006 - Judi asked Craig to write three checks with three different pens earlier for a special Buy It & Try It test to see if one pen can really help protect your identity.

Judi tested a check to the cable company, phone company, and utility company, each written with a different pen. The pens involved were a ballpoint, a rollerball and a Uni-Ball gel pen, which claims it can help prevent check fraud.

So how easy is it to wash a check? On the first one, which Judi says is "Craig's Time Warner cable check," almost instantly the ink starts to wash away.

That check, according to Judi, was written with "the Bic Ultra Round Stick Grip, basically a regular ballpoint pen."

The more they washed the check, more ink disappeared.

Next they tested the rollerball pen Craig used to write the BellSouth check. Judi noticed that didn't fade as obviously at first, "I don't think it started to fade at all."

But they weren't done. While that soaked, they took a look at the Time Warner check, which was at that point difficult to decipher. They could see the ink drifting in the water.

The final test was the check written with the Uni-Ball gel pen. There's a definite difference from the first pen, according to Judi, "It's not fading as fast as the first one, that's for sure."

The ad says  the ink becomes trapped in paper, making criminal check-washing virtually impossible.

After soaking nearly 15 minutes, the Uni-Ball gel ink had not washed away at all.

Reported by Judi Gatson

Posted 5:01pm by Chantelle Janelle