Buy It & Try It: SmartWare Bakeware

(Columbia) May 12, 2006 - It looks like a hot product on television, but is it all that it claims to be?

SmartWare Bakeware is made out of a unique non-stick material that bends like rubber but claims to last like steel, and promises to cook faster with even results every time.

The ad claims Smartware is an incredible, flexible cookware. "Plus its non-stick flexible surface lets any food pop out like magic!"

In our test we're baking bread, cake and cookies.

Judi Gatson noticed Craig Melvin's cookies weren't quite even, "You know, that looks like a little bit much, that's not, that's going to be a good cookie."

Judi took his word for it, and they moved on to the cake. They were short a mixer in the WIS kitchen, but Judi and Craig improvised, "You can still just stir right?"

They managed to get the batter nice and fluffy. Craig was proud of their work, "That is well-beaten cake batter right there!"

Remember, there's no oil or flour needed for the pan.

Once they finished that, it had been 10 minutes so the cookies were ready. And the results were excellent from Judi and Craig's point of view, "Oooh buddy! You've got to admit, they do look good."

Finally, they tried baking bread, this time with Craig mixing and Judi pointing out, "You still have some dry mix right there."

Although the batter looked "a little watery," they poured it in the pan.

The cake was next to come out of the oven. They "just twisted a little" and it peeled right off. The cookies, too, slid right off the pan. And when they flipped the bread out, Craig called the non-stick performance "impressive."

Posted 6:12pm by Chantelle Janelle