Cold case mystery: Newberry Co. murder from 23-years-ago remains unsolved

(Newberry) May 9, 2006 - A cold case mystery in Newberry County involves two guns, one victim and no solid leads. But there is still hope the murder can be solved.

Twenty-three-years ago James Bowers was killed and still the murder is a mystery to his family. His son, Delbert Bowers, now follows in the steps of his hardworking father, but sometimes it's bittersweet, "A lot of times when I'm working I'll stop and it will remind me of my father because I used to help him."

In November of 1983 investigators say Bowers' truck was found in Newberry County's Little Mountain. His family thought he was missing until they found his body nearby in a shallow ditch.

Bowers' body was found in the woods off Sam Koon Road in Little Mountain. Sheriff Lee Foster said Bowers was shot twice in the head, by not one gun, but two. Sheriff Foster says, "Naturally that led one to believe there were two different assailants and robbery appeared to be the motive."

Investigators collected bullets from a .28 caliber and .38 caliber gun, something Sheriff Lee Foster believes can still lead them to the killer, "Anytime we recover those types of guns we run them through lab to match forensics with that."

Investigators think the person who shot Bowers knew him. That information haunts Bowers' son. "Knowing that somebody he actually knew, someone we grew up with may have killed him. That makes it really hard."

Delbert Bowers finds something else about the case frustrating. Investigators say with new forensic evidence, if the murder happened now they'd know who killed Bowers.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

Posted 11:11pm by Chantelle Janelle