Become An Appraiser!

Currently, to become a licensed appraiser, four courses for a total of 90 hours of classroom instruction and a state exam are required.  Two years of apprenticeship after licensure to become an independent appraiser must also be completed.  All appraisal courses may be taken for real estate continuing education elective credit.  HP-10B II calculator required.  (Note: Effective January 1, 2008, the education and experience requirements will change significantly.)

L-1: Fundamentals of Appraisal
This course is the first step in becoming a licensed appraiser.  This 30 hour course includes excellent reference handouts.  The textbook, also used for the L-2 course, is available for $50.  Our appraisal series (L1, L2, CR) is taught by Joe Kuhlmann, the leading appraisal instructor in South Carolina.  Tuition: $275

L-2: Appraising the Single Family Residence
This module is the second 30 hour required course for becoming a licensed appraiser.  Course includes reference material.  Utilizes the same text as L-1.  Tuition: $250

L-3: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP 15 Hour Course)
This 15 hour course is a must for appraisal students.  Requires various handouts & Appraisal Foundation text for $50.  Tuition: $225 plus books.

CR: Appraisal Case Studies
This 15 hour course is the final required course in the appraiser tract.  Covers URAR reporting.  Tuition: $225

USPAP 7 Hour Course
This course is part of the mandatory continuing education requirement.  Tuition: $130 plus books

Appraisal Exam Review Session
This one day review covers topics found on the state licensing exam.  Tuition: $75