Cold Case Mystery: Searching for Diana Willmeth's killer

(Gaston) May 2, 2006 - One year after a Gaston woman was found dead, someone is still getting away with murder.

Gerda Willmeth comes to her daughter's gravesite for peace, and not to think about her child's killer, "When I go to her house then I think about getting the guy."

One year ago 36-year-old Diana Willmeth disappeared with few clues. Her home on Forest Drive in Gaston was undisturbed, the doors unlocked and her cell phone left behind.

Gerda Willmeth tells WIS' Maggie Alexander, "After we didn't hear from Diana for a couple of days, we knew she wouldn't be alive."

Two months after Willmeth's disappearance, her body was found off Jacques Haven Road near Gaston. Investigators say her body was so decomposed the only evidence they could gather is that she'd been shot.

Her family is still wondering how Diana was killed. Gerda says, "She was a fighter. She either was drugged, or hit from behind, or there was more than one."

Investigators say they're close to catching the killer, they just need the evidence to prove it.

Major John Allard of the Lexington County Sheriff's Department says, "We do think that whoever the person or persons who killed Diana were, somebody knew her."

Gerda Willmeth is offering $5,000 for that crucial evidence in the hopes that next year she can have peace of mind, finally knowing who murdered her daughter.

Reported by Maggie Alexander

Posted 11:51pm by Chantelle Janelle