Lawmaker drives golf cart to State House to save on gas

(Columbia-AP) May 2, 2006 - State Representative Todd Rutherford has found a way to fight higher gas prices.

The Columbia Democrat uses his new golf cart to go from his home to the State House, as well as his downtown office and courthouses. Rutherford says he bought the electric vehicle last fall when Hurricane Katrina sent gas prices to around $3 a gallon.

Rutherford says he spent an impatient winter waiting for the weather to get warm so he could drive the cart again.

The cart has a stereo and 15-inch flat screen TV, which Rutherford promises he watches only when it's parked.

State law allows residents to drive a golf cart on secondary roads within two miles of their home or office during daylight hours, as long as they obtain a $5 permit and insurance.

Posted 8:50pm by Chantelle Janelle