Journalist draws inspiration from Susan

(Undated) March 1, 2006 - During her years at WIS, Susan Aude has changed many lives, most of people she's never even met. WIS' Kara Gormley met one woman who, because of Susan, has became a successful journalist.

Amy Morris grew up like many South Carolina girls. One of her family memories is on weekday evenings, at 7:00 exactly, "7:00, man, the news was on at 7:00. Everything stopped. We'd have dinner and watch the news. That's how I grew up to become a news junkie. There are not that many six year olds who want to see the news, but I was one of them."

Age six is about the time her father says Amy started walking around with a tape recorder and microphone, interviewing people. Amy says it's because of Susan Aude, "She was one of the first females you saw in the media back then."

"You didn't think about her as the chick giving the news, you thought about her as the news. You thought about her as the voice of reason during a troubled time, or voice of authority during a time when you wanted to know what was going on."

Inspired by Susan, Amy went on to become an award-winning journalist. She works in radio in Washington, D.C. And when she found out Susan is retiring, she wanted to say thanks.

She gave us a message for Susan, "You know I've met presidents, and I don't get as choked up or as nervous as when I think about her, because she did have such an impact on me. And I don't want to sound all star-struck and gooey because that's not cool, but I would say to her good luck, God bless. You have no idea how many people you've touched; you have. You've certainly impacted my life. You've given me a brass ring to shoot for. Hopefully someday if I can impact the life of a young woman coming up in this businesses maybe then I'll be successful, because Susan Aude, you are a tremendous success."

Reported by Kara Gormley

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