Viewers watch as Susan tries out dozens of hairstyles

(Columbia) February 28, 2006 - It's time to hold on to your hairspray, as we continue to celebrate Susan with a look back at her locks. When it comes to television news, hairstyles change as often as the nightly reports.

"In television, we don't like to think hair is important. We're about serious news. But to the viewers, they watch you, they look at you. Hair is important whether we want to admit it or not."

27 years in TV time can mean dozens of different hairstyles and a lot of different looks.

"We went through that period when women were first getting into broadcasting a lot, where we felt like we had the man look, kind of short black hair, you know."

"It is frustrating when the whole newsroom works all day long on a news story and news team effort; then the switchboard is flooded with calls about Susan's hair."

"I always liked it when it was longer and I pulled it back, because it was easier to take care of. When I finally cut it people were just overjoyed. It took 30 years off my look and I looked so much younger. So they liked it shorter."

When asked whether she cringes at any of the haircuts, looking back, Susan replies, "I cringe at almost all of them when I look back!"

But no matter the haircut or the styles of the day, viewers we talk to all say one thing, Susan Aude is  beautiful on the inside, and out.

"Through the medium of television I was able to be a friend to people whether they knew me or not. That was as much of a blessing, to me, a lot more of a blessing to me, I think, than to everyone else."

Reported by Kara Gormley

Posted 11:15pm by Chantelle Janelle