Viewer reaction to the news of Susan's retirement

Susan touched many hearts while she worked for WIS. Many viewers sent in notes to her when they heard news of her retirement. We have collected some of those responses.

What is your reaction to the news of Susan's retirement?

  • TH, Sumter
    I was blessed to actually meet Susan Aude while my stay at Health South Rehabilitaion Center.  She took time out of her busy schedule to come to my room not once or twice but three times to come and share her information about spinal coard injuries. I was in a car accident January 6th 2005 and of course it was a blessing for me to have her come and speak to me since she was in my same situation at one time.  Susan Aude is a great person on air and off.  I think that she will continue to inspire people regardless of her retirement.  May god bless and keep you Ms. Susan!!!  Thank You for being an inspiration to me and my family!
  • JH, Camden
    Just really going to miss her and WISTV will never be the same. No replacement for Susan, only someone to take another spot!
  • AF, Leesville
    I am gonna miss her  but she is doing what is best for her  and im glad  i will  miss her  so bad everyday  but im also  very much
  • JT, Lexington
    It's like having an old friend move away. She'll be missed!
  • AM, Pawley's Island
    Though we were not in the same class at Erskine, we are fellow-alums.  I remember when she had the accident that confined her to a wheelchair after many month's rehab. So I not only will miss her as an obvious great on-air talent, but I will miss the example she has been setting each day for all these years to handicapped people across South Carolina. I know she wouldn't want to be remembered merely as "a cripple", but I do believe, when all the pages of her exciting and inspiring life story have been written, that her major role will be that of "role model" to people who need to know they can accomplish whatever they set out to do. Best of luck, my friend!
  • F:
    I grew up in Columbia and moved to Florida a year ago.  I miss Susan's broadcast but look at your website everyday. Susan is an awesomw lady. Enjoy your time off!!! You deserve it.
  • PK, Columbia:
    Apparently we were on vacation when Susan was injured and upon returning it took us several nights to determine that she wasn't on the newscast.  A neighbor provided the information that she was recuperating.   We looked forward to her return and we surprised when she announced her retirement, however, having just retired ourselves within the past year, could understand that there comes a time in one's life when the freedom from a fixed schedule looks very appealing.  I spoke with Susan one year at the SC State Fair, not about her affiliation with the news but how much I admired her for never letting her disability stop her from doing what she wanted and also her recent participation in the Master Gardener program.  I am also a MG and know that the closeness to nature which happens while tending to the garden is a special feeling.  While working there, one tends to forget any cares or woes.  It's wonderful therapy.  We wish her the very best now that she has time to not only grow, but smell, the roses.  All blessings to you, Susan.
  • JP, Orangeburg:
    When I see Susan or hear of her, I think of the young lady my toddler daughter called, "Susan 'all day' Fisher.  Best to Susan.  Enjoy your retirement.
  • CH, Ambler, PA:
    My husband and I lived in Columbia since we were 13 years old. I am now 52. We moved to West Palm Beach Florida 6 years ago and now we are in Ambler Pa for a few months. I have always kept up with WIS news by the internet and have always loved Susan and enjoyed seeing her do the news over the years. I always looked forward in seeing her on tv. She made my day and I always knew that she would be on the air. Susan has such a natural beauty about her. I am sorry to hear that she is retiring but at some point we all must leave and enjoy the rest of our life or either go on to other ventures. I wish her nothing but the very best and hope that the future has nothing but good things in store for Susan. I always felt that she was such a roll model, especially for women of all kinds. I know that I will miss her and that she will be missed by all the viewing area and everyone that has enjoyed her over the years. Good luck to you Susan and may God have nothing but good things in store for you in the future.
  • ES, West Columbia:
    I'm sad that we won't be seeing Susan, but I'm happy for Susan and hopefully she can do all of the things that she would like to do.
  • HM, Pomaria:
    Probably about 8 years ago I answered a question at WIS... I was very surprised when I received a very nice email from Susan thanking me for it. I still have it!! I always did enjoy seeing her and looked forward to her being on....
  • BJ, New York:
    I remember being walking into the newsroom seven years ago as shy teenager who wanted to be a journalist.  Susan agreed to let me interview here for an essay I was writing on people with disabilities.  What I remember most of that day was that this woman I grew up watching on TV seemed so humbled.  Her personality transformed any physical limitations she had.  She was someone anyone could relate to.  Susan inspired me to follow my dreams, and now I am working at CBS News in New York City. Thank you Susan. You had a good run.
  • HM, Columbia:
    I miss her already. She is a dear and trusted friend and her send off was certainly appropriate to her contributions to the state, the city and WIS.She is an icon and hero in my opinion. God Bless her.............
  • SS, Rock Hill:
    Susan, I wish you well.  You are a true inspiration to all that have watched you so many times on WIS-TV 10. Thanks for coming into our homes all these many years. God Bless You!!!!!!
  • CE, Lexington:
    Hi. I would like to tell Mrs. Aude that I think she is the best.  I have watched her on the news for all the years I have lived here and she is the most wonderful person to listen to.  Her smile and just her whole personality on air and off when you got to see her was just wonderful.  I for one have missed seeing her on air and will continue to do so.  I would like her to know I wish her the best wishes for her future, her health, happiness and whatever awaits her in the future.  May she be blessed for all she has done for our state and all the people she has cared about for so long.
  • JT, Bishopville:
    Susan was a truly a genuine loving caring reporter. She was truly of great character.I am  excited for her and hope she will enjoy  her retirement.
  • GA, Columbia:
    I think that Susan deserves to retire after 27 years.I also think that it was wonderful for you guys to celebrate Susan the way you all did.The sad truth is that most people are not celebrated until they have past away.So I think that it was wonderful for you guys to celebrate her life while she's alive to see the how much everyone appreciate her and how she was such and inspiration to so many.Hats off to you all!!!!!
  • DA, Cayce-West Columbia:
    Much thanks to WIS for sharing "Celebrating Susan" Thursday evening!  Susan, what can I say?  You're simply the best! I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. By the way, if at some point in the future you decide to run for office I'll be one of the first in line as a volunteer field worker.
  • PS, Columbia:
    I am happy for Susan, but I will miss seeing her terribly!  I enjoy watching the rest of the news crew, but not seeing Susan's smiling face will make me feel like a part of my family is missing.  I have watched and enjoyed Susan's optimism for all the 27 years that she has been with WIS.  Please keep her fans updated on her after she is gone.  One more thing - my family and I watched the celebration this past Thursday evening for Susan.  This program was truly well done and kudos go out to each and every person that was involved.  I only wish that more of the evening's events could have been aired.  I felt that the evening was truly phenomenal!  Thanks for all that Susan and WIS have done through the years to keep the viewers in touch with our community and the world.
  • SB:
    In 1976 my widowed soon-to-be mother-in-law married the widowed father of James Bryant Harrill from Bennettsville.  James Bryant told us of his girlfriend who had been killed in a wreck with Susan Aude.  I felt as though I knew a little bit about you, just with that information because I had not realized you were in a wheelchair.  Wow!  I thought you were amazing!  In a wheelchair and doing your job.  Over the years I enjoyed following your career and life, being told of her pregnancy, watching you as you gave reports all over even though you were seated, it was not a problem!   Susan, you have certainly proven that if there is a will, there is a way! Susan, I think my nephew, Wes Woodard, a Clemson graduate aged 24, dated your daughter once.  He said she was beautiful.  All I can say to that is: like mother, like daughter.  My nephew is from Darlington. Congratulations on your retirement.  Your pretty face and cheerful smile will be missed by this Darlington gal but enjoy yourself.  And thank you for being a positive, Christian model for all of South Carolina as well as America! Oh, yes, I did catch you on national news on Saturday morning too!  I ran to tell my husband so we could both watch.  I also saw some of the "Celebrating Susan" on WIS.  Your mom has beautiful hair! God bless you.
  • SP, Elgin:
    We enjoyed watching your celebration this past week and especially Thursday night. We were again thrilled to see you celebrated this morning (Saturday) on the Today Show. We will miss seeing you on WIS.  Enjoy your retirement!
  • BC, Chapin:
    I think of all the years Susan came into my house, as the kids were being raised, when they went off to school, through all the good and bad times that followed, her friendly voice will remain as a reminder of all those years.  I hate she has to leave being a symbol of the midlands, but she has more important things to do in the future. I wish her luck and good health, and may the medical cures continue to be made that were unthinkable just a few years ago.  I could say more, but I hope one day she is pleasantly surprised just as she was surprised by Thursday night.  From what she told me Wednesday night, she really didn't know what to expect.  It really was an unbelievable retirement party that only someone exceptional like her deserves.
  • WL, Irmo:
    the heart of wis tv news has gone  she will be missed and eventhough her position can be replaced the person cannot. she is to be admored for what she did, who she was and what she gave back to so so many people my only regret is thata i didnt get to meet her when she spoke at my church in june i hope oneday i will have that opportunity. I hope she will feel like and be asked from time to time to do some special news editorials for wis or maybe some other  tv station. God Bless her.
  • AH, Blue Ridge, Virginia:
    I had a phone call from friends in Winnsboro last night, March 2, 2006 telling me of Susan's retirement. I can remember watching Susan and other co-anchors while I was a student at the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary. I would graduate and move to Winnsboro.  Living in both areas, I knew that I could depend on WIS for excellence in reporting. After moving from Winnsboro, I was diagnosed with MS.  I had a lot of time to pray, meditate and figure out what life was going to be like.  I recalled Susan's positive attitude, graciousness.  The memories helped me "deal with" the diagnosis. Now, I live in Virginia.  I do know that Susan had a profound impact on so many viewers.  I pray God's blessings as she enters this new phase of life.
  • CM, Lexington:
    I Viewed The Celebrating Susan Special this week. all the old videos of the old set whith Ed Carter and Joe Daggot also when Steve Crocker Was With WIS 10 . I am only 24 years old but could remember seeing here when she was on the 7 oclock report I guess my favorite memorie now would be the time when ED Carter Said An Explict on one of the first live newscast ever done on WIS 10 where they did'nt Edit it out .I also Will Miss here when she done the weather . Concragulations on 27 Years Susan . You Will be missed
  • AR, Columbia:
    Susan: As far as I know, we have never met.  In fact, I didn't even realize you were in a wheelchair until someone pointed out to me about 15 years ago that someone that was in my home room in high school was responsible for your condition.  (I had not seen her since graduation.)  At any rate, I found myself at work when most of your newscasts were on the air so I guess I had not noticed.  I am a veteran of 30-something years behind a microphone on radio.  Although I didn't get to watch much of your newscasts until I got a TiVo a couple of years ago, I couldn't let you get away without saying what an asset you are to Columbia and South Carolina. Congratulations on a fantastic job at WIS and best of wishes to you in your future endeavors.  You should be the poster child for those who make the most of their opportunities! As for my reaction to Susan's retirement...(IN CASE THIS ISN'T GOING TO SUSAN) far as whether or not I'll still watch the news, I never watched it that much anyway.  More of a Keith Olbermann-John Stewart watcher, and an avid newspaper reader, but for years, I couldn't take any other newscast in Columbia except maybe Mackie Quave in the early 70s...but not for professionalism!!  I think a better question would be how does your sale to another company effect your news department.  Guess we'll know the answer to that soon enough. Any way, good luck Susan!
  • WS, Columbia:
    I have to say it is a happy day for Susan but a sad day for Columbians and abroad. I grew up watching Susan Aude and I know I will miss her.  She knew how powerful people in media can be, but never did she take advantage of that trait.  I for one will never forget how she gave the news at face value and never showed her true personal or political views on stories.  That trait has long been removed from most News Channels with Fox, CNN, etc.  I commend Susan on such a long, vibrant, and illustrious career.  She will be missed!
  • DH, Florence:
    Dear Susan, Although we have never met I have always thought you were a very special person. Watching and listening to you all these years made that quite clear. Until this week and tonight I didn’t know just how right I was. To be honored by WIS and your colleagues the way you were honored has to be unprecedented. I have all ideas that your retirement broadcast could have lasted much longer and I am certain that it continued long after the broadcast was over. I send you my very best wishes for many years of joyful retirement. No one deserves it more than you.
  • BG, Rock Hill:
    Susan is a fine example of courage and grace. We have watched her entire career with WISTV. The retirement party,was a tribute to an outstanding lady. We wish Susan our best wishes and God Bless.
  • SP, Leesville:
    Thank you, WIS-TV for sharing Susan's retirement party with all of us viewer's!  We have loved, admired & respected her for years!  We watched tonight with joy & tears.  Best of luck, Susan!
  • DM, Sumter:
    I'm happy for Susan but sad for all of us that watch WIS. I loved looking at the news and seeing Susan!!! She is an insperation and I wish her well!! She is really a beautiful person!!! Thanks Susan!!!!
  • JC, Hopkins:
    I'm so sorry that she will not be on the news but am grateful for the many years she has kept us informed and shared life in the midlands. Her professionalism and graciousness was always apparent. Thanks Susan...I'll miss you.
  • LP, Columbia:
    She is a true journalist, intelligent, creative, hard-working, yet has so many other attributes; kindness, attractivness, and a warm smile accompanied with a BIG heart. She will surely be missed.
  • KT, Highlands:
    Susie, I am so sorry about your health problems after the broken hip but I sincerely wish you all the best in your retirement. I met you 21 years ago at Steve and Patsy's wedding.
  • LI, Chapin:
    I feel like someone who has come to the party late but still had a good time anyway! We moved to S.C. 2 years ago due to my husband's job transfer. It was a stressful move from Pa. followed by the sudden death of my youngest brother and my breast cancer diagnosis. It is the small things that integrate you to a community. I missed my local NBC news team. Quickly I grew to love everyone on the Columbia NBC station but my favorite was Susan Aude. She just seemed to exude peace and calm. I wasn't even aware of her wheelchair for the longest time! Anyway, although I was only able to enjoy her for a short time I too will miss her and wish her happiness. Thank you, Susan.
  • CD, Camden:
    i will truly miss susan she has a knowledge of how it is to overcome setbacks and carry on in a positive manner.and what a lovely person i really wish her a joyus and blessed life. we love you dearly susan and the news will not be the same with out you.
  • PL, Columbia:
    I remember the first time seeing Susan in person was when she carried the torch through Five Points. My daughter was a 2 year old then and she looked at me and said "Mommy, look at that woman in the wheelchair, she is going just as fast as if she was walking, nothing better get in her way."  I thought what insight my little girl had!!  Yes, we will miss seeing Susan's smiling face on the news every night, but I know she will pop up on the TV every now and again! Best wishes in your retirement Susan, and don;t let nothing get in your way of happiness!
  • DB, Gaston:
    Susan's reasons are for the good of her and I think that is a good thing. She seems to be a very sweet and caring person and I am glad to have been able to watch her for many years.  GOD Bless!
  • ED, Columbia:
    Sunan, first I would like to say I wish you well on all of your future endeavors. You have really been a great asset to South Carolina news veiwers of WIS like myself. When you career was first starting I was pregnant with my daughter who is  now 26 years old. I did'nt know what to name her, and I saw you on WIS and thought you had the most beautiful name not to mention Media personality with your bright smile. SO I decided to name my daughter AUDELIA. Thank you.
  • LR, Columbia:
    I grew up in the small town of Bishopville SC - as a baby I contracted Polio,used leg braces and crutches then, and now a wheelchair to get around.  I remember seeing Susan on the news with my parents and them saying something like 'see her on TV - if she can do that - then you can be anything you want to be when you grow up'.  Now at age 45, I am a Systems Integration Specialist working for IBM (International Business Machines, Inc) Global Services Delivery Center supporting IBM customers' Billing and Service Level Reporting.  I attended USC in Columbia and remember seeing Susan doing live news reports on campus.  I know that without her example and inspiration, I may not have had the courage to live my life and fulfill my dreams to the extent that I have.  My thanks to Susan and to my parents for encouraging me to be my best and to do my best with no regard to my physical limitations.  I congratulate Susan on her exemplary career and for being such an inspiration to all of the mis-named 'disabled' people in South Carolina and the nation.  She will be greatly missed and I hope that she will be a frequent guest feature reporter (ala Joe Pinner - by the way, I was on the Mr Knozit Show twice as a kid with my Girl Scout troop!) Good luck to you Susan!
  • PK, Cheraw:
    I have watched Susan on WIS for years, probably all of the years that she was there.  When my granddaughter was born 12 years ago, I got the honor of naming her and Susan came to mind.  Her last name is so unique that I used it to name my granddaughter Aude Antonya Kimbrew.  Susan has been an inspiration to a multitude of people and I can only wish her the best that God has for her.
  • PH, Hartsville:
    Susan will be missed in this family as I have watched her along time. My daughter is also in wheelchair and has raised two children. Now her 11 year old is having a kidney transplant and we hope that Wendy will see  what Susan does with her life and work toward doing the same with hers. Good luck Susan have a wonderful retirement you deserve it.
  • ER, Rembert:
    I am saddend, but wish her a very enjoyable retiremnet and want to thank her for her inspiration ....I moved to SC about 12 years ago with the Air Force..I never knew what news station to watch, so I would flip through the channels...until one day I noticed a woman that was very professional and friendly voiced...I also noticed the wheelchair....I asked friends who this woman was..She was on tv and disabled, but it didnt slow her down one bit....I stayed tune to that channel to watch Susan give the news good and bad the field and in the newsroom...despite her disability ;she did it...Like I said that was 12 years ago ; I only watch news 10...and have been for all those years ...mostly because of Susan's inspiration to all of South Carolina ,...not only the disabled.....Good luck ...and Thank You Again !!!
  • LH, West Columbia:
    I will always remember watching Susan every night on the news.  I was so "in love" with Susan when I was 4 that I BEGGED my mom to name my baby sister 'Susan Aude'. Sadly, it didn't happen but my family still loves to give me grief over my infatuation with Susan!
  • JJ, Wedgefield:
    When I arrived in Columbia many years ago, I knew no one. Susan's personality and kindness certainly made our move easier just to know someone cared!
  • JA, Lexington:
    Susan is a great person as well as a newscaster.She is a inspiration to so many people.I do not have a physical disabililty like hers,but I am truly inspired by her.I wonder just how many lives she has touch . The number would probably amaze all of us.I wish her a long and happy retirement ! Thank you for being a part of us and giving us so much! God Bless you 1
  • GT, Columbia:
    Hearing about Susan's retirement made me realize that I've watched her on TV and admired her for as long as I can remember... When I was 5 or 6 years old, I took swimming lessons at the same pool where Susan took her daughter.
    When I first realized who Susan was, I was so excited to see the lady who I liked from TV that I asked my mom if I could go get her autograph! My mom said yes, but I never went to get it. I was shy, and by the time I got up the courage, it was time to start my lesson. Now that I'm in my mid-twenties and I have started my own career, I admire Susan for much more than just being a pretty lady on TV. She is a great example of a woman who has succeeded in what was once considered a man's job. I don't think most women my age in South Carolina have ever thought that being a woman would hold them back from becoming a news anchor or, for that matter, any other job. Susan has not only been successful, but she has done so gracefully, and in the face of adversity. I'm not a little girl anymore, but I would still be proud to have Susan's autograph. Best wishes to Susan for a long and happy retirement!
  • ST, Hopkins:
    susan has really been a blessing in everyones life and will truley be miss, but susan we know that the the time has come and we have to except it but susan its very very hard to let you go, may the lord be with you through your healing, and if theres anything i can do let me know you have the number be bless
  • TE, Chapin:
    Susan, there is much to say to you, but I am a poor typist.  I came to Columbia the same year you started at WIS.  Thank you for all that you have given this city and state.  All of us will miss you terribly.  We wish you the very best of all that is good.
  • Cw, North Augusta:
    Susan, My family will really miss seeing you on TV!  It will not be the same without you.  Thank you for all the pleasure you have given us!
  • VF, Columbia:
    For years, I have been wanting to write Susan about her really impressing a 2 month old little boy 22 years ago. Yes, a 2 month old. We had just moved to Columbia, my second child Ryan was 2 months old and very darling active little boy. He hated a swing, he hated a car seat, he hated the play pen, he wanted to be held and he wanted to stand up, well, I was so busy trying to clean the apartment, so I decided to see if he would sit in a walker. We had to go buy one. Well, I put a little pillow in the front and one in the back, and yes this 2 month old loved this walker. He even loved it more when I turned on the TV one evening and Susan was doing the news , he could not take his eyes off of her, he keep trying to stand straight up and was so excited.( I even took a picture , I wish I could find it ) He would watch her the entire time she was on. So everyday ,we watched Susan, well Ryan did. We never could figure it out . She did not look like anyone in our family, but he sure loved her. For years we have teased him about Susan Aude . My son is now stationed in the US Coastgusrd and he still can not be still!! Good luck Susan , you truly are a special lady even to a 2 month old !!
  • DT, Bishopville:
    i watch last night and the song which played about susan summed her up perfect. "so beautiful" what a delightful of luck to her in her future.
  • JT, Hartsville:
    Susan will be missed.  Her smiling face will be greatly missed.  To me WIS- without Susan and Joe Pinner will be a day without sunshine.  She will always be in my prays....
  • RB, Columbia:
    That's a smile that you'll never forget as long as you live. She is the most sincere newsperson I have ever known and although on one hand you are happy for her retirement that she honestly earned, on the other hand a member of your family is riding off into the sunset.
  • CC, Lexington:
    It will be sad not having Susan in our homes each evening. She has always been so charming and when i think of her the work pure and gracious comes to mind.
  • MH, West Columbia:
    So Sad
  • WG, West Columbia:
    Susan has been more than a role model - more like an icon to the people of the midlands. I am so sad to see her retire, but happy to know she can continue into other things and expand her career.  She is just a wee bit further up the pole than Joe Pinner.  Glad for her, but hope to see her do segments for the news periodically.  She has been my idol for many years although I have never had the opportunity to meet her.  Emotions run rampid with happiness and sadness for her.  Thanks for a job more than "well-done" Susan!
  • LK, Columbia:
    We are sadden to see Susan leaving WIS.Watching her the last couple months before she broke her hip I didn't realize how tired she looked. When she said she was retiring she looked so rested and alive and so relaxed and she made a decision that was good for her but she will be so missed.A first class news station with first class news anchors that's why WIS is and has been #1 in South Carolina. Thank you Susan and may God watch over you and bless you always. Please keep in touch every now and then.
  • ME, Elgin:
    I have always admired Susan and I wish her the best in all the wonderful days that will follow.Knowing Susan she will still touch so many lives and will continue to be an inspiration to everyone. I know the decision was hard for her to say I am retiring and she will be missed nightly but I know we will continue to see and hear from Susan. God Bless you on your retirement and your new adventures.
  • AD, Lexington:
    Dear Susan, I am a student at White Knoll Middle School and we had to do a report on a person we admire. Others did theres on a parent or a movie star but I did mine on you. I hope you still appear on WIS because you are an inspirtion to not just people with disabilities but to all. I admire you so much and want to be a journalist when I am older. I hope I will be even half as good a reporter as you were. Thank you for inspiring me and getting me an A on my report.
  • PB, Isle of Palms:
    I wish Susan only the best and I hope that she can enjoy her family and friends. I will miss her, as I feel like she has been an important part of my life. She is an inspirtation and role model for many people. Her genuiness and sweet face will be missed by so many people. Have Fun, Susan and thanks for so many wonderful news reports and coming into our homes. God Bless You!!
  • EC, Bamberg:
    I am very sorry to see Susan leave but can understand.  She has been such a wonderful asset to the station and will be very hard to replace.  Her perkiness and presence far outweighed her handicaps and we already miss her smiling face.  We love you Susan
  • TC, Lexington:
    I just recently got out of the United States Marines after five years and two tours to Iraq. Because of that I have not seen your news cast for five years, but I remember you from when I was a kid. You have made an impression in peoples lives. I wish you the best of luck and thank you for the news you brought.
  • MW, Columbia:
    You're one of a kind and will be sorely missed.  A class act - best wishes on your retirement.
  • AT, Elgin:
    When i heard that Susan was leaving i was saddened, but i was also happy for her because now she will have the time to take care of herself, more time with her family, and more time to do things that she's always wanted to do. I will miss her bright and smiling face, and her  professional T.V. reporting as well as her compassion for people and always being an inspiration to all. I got the chance to meet Susan at the state fair one year and was really impressed with her warm and caring spirit. Susan- you will be truely missed.
  • CD, Greenville:
    Susan will be sadly missed as a news anchorwoman in SC.  What an inspiration and a news leader?  Susan was WIS news.  From the time I heard her voice, I knew I had the TV on the right channel.  Go Erskine! Go Susan!  Enjoy your retirement!
  • TB, Columbia:
    i really enjoyed watching Susan on the news and I will really miss seeing that sweet beautiful smile. good luck with your retirement. God Bless You.
  • AB, Bamberg:
    Susan will be missed. Her enthusiasm, courage and smile were some of the resons that I watch channel 10. Susan is a one of a kind person who character shone through her work and dedication. Susan thanks for the mermories!
  • VJ, Society Hill:
    I have mixed feelings about Susan leaving.  Mainly because she is such a dynamic news caster as well as an inspiration. I will truly miss her. However, I am excited for her because a new chapter in her life is just beginning.  How fortunate is that!  I pray that she has continued success in her new endeavors and I am sure we havn't heard the last from her.
  • PD, Irmo:
    I will miss Susan on the news, I have been listening to her since we moved here almost 16 years ago. I do understand that she needs to take care of herself first and foremost. I wish her the very best in the future.
  • CP, Cayce:
    Love Susan, will miss her kindness on the screen.  She should be nominated for South Carolinian of the year.
  • SB, West Columbia:
    I wish Susan all the best always, but I'll truly miss seeing her smiling face on the news as I have for many years, there will NEVER be another one that can possibly take her place.
  • BP, Ballentine:
    I have always felt that WIS=TV was/is the best news group!  I remember when Susan was in the accident and have been so proud of her and feel she deserves retirement.  I pray that God will heal her and just let her enjoy life!!  We will always miss her!
  • SW, New Zion:
    I am truly saddened to see you leave Susan. We'll all miss that heart-warming smile.
  • PM, Lexington:
    I am saddened by Susan's decision to retire from WIS but I do understand and want her to get better.  I had a time in my past that an illness took me away from work for a long recovery time and it is very important that she recover and stay healthy.  I wish her the best and do hope that we will see her again real soon.
  • JB, Springfield, Georgia:
    I moved to Springfield, Georgia about 8 years ago.  I really missed watching Susan on the news. Now that I have the internet I like to watch the news online.  I was wondering what happened to her. I remember as a child going to the state fair and seeing her out there.  My mom had about five kids out there one year and had a rope going through all of our belt loops to make sure we did not get lost and Susan got a big kick out of it.  I will miss you Susan.
  • TM, Batesburg:
    Ms. Susan, You will be missed by everyone who watches News 10 which will not be
    the same without you.  My family and I love you and we wish you the very best. I am 42 years old and I can remember being sick & staying home from school and watching Ms. Susan on Midday with my Dad.  I also remember when Ms. Susan Aude became Ms. Susan Aude Fisher but it didn't matter what she changed her name too because the inside of Mrs. Susan never changed.  She has poise, character, class and a sense of humor but most importantly she puts God first. You are such a great Lady who has accomplished so much and you have taught us all how to overcome whatever Life throws your way. God Bless you and you enjoy your retirement.  We will never forget you….you will be greatly missed by everyone who watches News 10.
    We Love you. PS: From time to time we hope to see on the Air keeping the crew in
    line.  WIS is the greatest news program to watch...You all have such a great fun but most importantly each and every one of you have such Respect and Love for each other.  God Bless all of you...
  • MH, West Columbia:
    at first i was sadden about her retirement but there is a time in your life when you have to slow down she will be blessed and greatly missed but will always stay in our hearts
  • RC, West Columbia:
    Sad, because she will be missed especially her smile. WIS-TV without a doubt has the best news and sports crew in the United States. What we like most is the reporters are always upbeat and joking around with each other.
  • GS, Bennettsville:
    Sad to see her go, but happy to see her glow and the inspiration she gives all of us.  She is more beautiful today than when she first came into our homes and we are all better for her dedication to her profession.  I wish her the very best.
  • EC, Columbia:
    Susan's simply a delight. Though I'm sorry she'll not return to WIS news, I am happy for her decision to focus on her personal life. Peace and Blessings for you, Susan. Be well.
  • AF, Summerville:
    Dear Ms Aude,  What a blessing you are to us.  You will be truly missed! I turned 40 last April and have watched you since your employment with WIS, until our move to Summerville last June. I dont remember too much of the first years, but just wanted to say Thank you for the beauty and grace you gave to WIS TV. May the Lord be with you always, sister.
  • BC, Lexington:
    We moved to Lexington in 1990 and immediately began watching WIS news.  Because of Susan, we have continued with all of your news programs throughout the years even though some seem so repetitious.  We are devastated about Susan's retirement, mostly because we are concerned for her health and partly for our own selfish reasons.  Susan was our welcome to SC from our native NC.  It was several years after we first arrived that we discovered Susan's disability.  Then we really were in awe of this classy woman.  I have shared articles about her in my classroom for several years. She is a role model for each of us and we wish her all good things.  We would LOVE for her to return to WIS one of these days!!!  Please keep us informed about her.  Thank you.
  • CA, West Columbia:
    Susan was a delight to watch on the daily news, we will miss seeing her but we wish the best for Susan. Good luck with the next chapter in your life. Job well done! You are truly in inspiration to every one .
  • JR:
    I can't remember when Susan wasn't on the nightly news.  She was always to upbeat, pleasant and smiling. I wish her only the very best; she deserves it!
  • BJ, Lexington:
    Susan will be missed greatly her warm smile and her presentation of the news is second to none.  My wife and I wish her all the success and enjoy retirement.
  • LJ, Gadsden:
    Susan, you are the prime example of strength. I have watched you from the days at USC to becoming a news anchor woman. Knowing and realizing the things that you have gone through has truly made me the person that I am today. You have been a part of my family for many years, and yes we will truly miss you. I will always keep you and your daughter in my prayers. Keep the pleasant smile, it is simply a winning smile that has carried you thus far. Be encouraged and know that all of your viewers loves you
  • SM, Luray, Virginia:
    I have moved around a good bit over the last 20-25 years. I have always viewed local tv news as to how they stacked up aginst TV 10 news. Susan and Ed Carter set a standard that few have ever topped; at least in my book
  • WB, Lexington:
    She will surely be missed. Her smile was the shining light of WIS. I have always watched her since I was old enough to know tv.Wish her all the best of luck and do keep in touch
  • DS, Lancaster:
    It will feel like lossing a family member! I was raised with Susan. We were pregnant at the same time.
    My mother made her a baby blanket--i delivered it to her!. She has always been special to me! I hope her all the best wishes and for her to know she will be missed!
  • KT, Camden:
    I am sorry to see that Susan Aude is leaving WIS. I have grown up with her. I am now 31 and my earliest memory of a news anchor is of Susan. It really gave me courage to see her be able to overcome her disability and go on with her life. I wish her the best.
  • SW, Lexington:
    I always enjoyed watching Susan Aude when I was growing up because she was the only other person
    named Susan I knew!  I will miss her spirit and smile.  Thanks for the memories!
  • MM, Irmo:
    What a sad day for South Carolina. We are not just losing one of the best newscasters in the country, we are losing a friend. Good luck to you Susan, and may God bless you!
  • JP, West Columbia:
    Susan, We have enjoyed so much watching you and enjoying you each night that we were able to watch the news. You are a great news person and we will miss you. We hope you will enjoy your retirement Our prayer is that God will bless you in a mighty way in every thing you decide to do. Love in Christ
  • NB, Lexington:
    Susan may be retiring but she certainly will be remembered with fondness of her bright smile each day, her flawless reporting. She is one of the best and I wish her much happiness in the future.  We will miss her but her health is much more important and I wish her a speedy recovery.
  • SB, Lexington:
    Hello Susan: l will miss your beautiful smiling face everyday. lt will be so strange to turn wis on and not hear your voice. l wish you the best in any and every endeavor you choose. We have a lot in common, l have been in  a wheel chair since 1988 and l know the challenges that come with that. Seeing you keep smiling everyday gave me such a warm feeling inside. l do admire you so much and l will miss you greatly. May God bless you each and every moment of your life. Take care and keep smiling.
  • GH, Orangeburg:
    i do not like it worth a flip, she was great, that smile just lit up the screen, it is a sad day for wis
  • MH, Irmo:
    Good luck forever.
  • JM, Columbia:
    We have for many years been blessed with Susan's beautiful face, personality, and grace. She will be greatly missed by our family as she has inspired all of us to be thankful and count our blessings. Susan, we wish you continued health improvements and all the best life has to offer.
    You are and always will be number 1 in our hearts.
  • DH, West Columbia:
    I am very sorry to see her leave; have missed her being on the air.  She is someone I have always admired.
  • MM, Florence:
    Susan is and always will be WIS News...I've grown up with her as my parents always watched faithfully every day. She will surely be missed. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! Thanks for the years you've given us!
  • DZ, Hartsville:
    Susan has been WIS for some time.  I have enjoyed her broadcasts so much.  I am going to miss seeing her on the broadcast, but I wish her a speedy recovery and a happy retirement.
  • BM, Lexington:
    I'm sad to see her go because she was such a large part of the news program and has been for a long time. Poor help seems to catch up with all of us eventually.
  • CH, Kershaw:
    As I watched on TV that day of the announcement of Susan's retirement, I tried to hold back the tears. Judi Gatson's heart felt response broke me down to tears. I will truly miss Susan Audi'.
  • LG, Ballentine:
    Susan was always a comfortable connection to the community and world on the evening news.  She possesses such poise--from her genuine smile, the manner in which she announced tragic news, to her professional appearance.  With her gifted qualities, I don't see Susan sitting on the porch sipping tea the rest of her life.   She has just too much too offer in any venture.  She could certainly develop a training program for other television personalities on professional presentation.  I think we'll see much more of Susan!
  • LR, Elgin:
    I have only responded to one other public figure in my lifetime.  He too was a WIS personality.  Ben Tanner is a fresh new look for WIS weather, however he pales in comparison to the steadfast trustworthiness and constant pleasantness of Susan Aude. I have watched since the beginning of her career.  We are about the same age and I also have recently retired for health reasons.  She will be sorely missed and WIS will be hard pressed to fill her shoes.  She is the "Jane Pauley" of the WIS viewing area.
  • TJ, Elgin:
    No Or you Crazy no do not leave it will not be the same with out you I mean your Jokes that you say some time when the News come on I hope to look at your face I will miss you Bye Mrs Susan`s
  • DN, Irmo:
    Susan My family and I will miss you very much on WIS! We have watched you since you first came to WIS.  You were always a first-class journalist and an inspiration to all.  We wish you all the best in your retirement and with your health.
  • MM, Columbia:
    Sad, She is suh a great journalist and a wonderful role model for oth children and adults. Maybe she can come back and do specials
  • HB, Blythewood:
    I have been watching Susan Aude report the news ever since I was a little girl.  I am going to miss seeing her on the broadcast, but I wish her a speedy recovery and a happy retirement.
  • FM, Little River:
    To say the least, Susan Aude will be missed!  Since her career began with WIS, I have enjoyed her professionalism, friendliness and compassion on the air as she delivered the news.  Even though I live on the coast near North Myrtle Beach, I watch WIS every day, largely due to WIS's special announcers like Susan. Not only is she talented in journalism, but she is also an inspiration to others with her disability.  I'll never forget how nice and courteous she was the first time I met her in Columbia (1979 during a Doc & Merle Watson concert on Green Street near the USC campus).  She is a special and warm person that truly cares about others.  In behalf of my entire family, good luck, Susan, in your retirement and I pray that you are recovering from your fall.  God bless.
  • FD, Columbia:
    Susan became as a good a newscaster as any of the big network figures.  Locally, she was in a league of her own.  Best of luck to her.
  • JN, Gaston:
    I met Susan at the 2004 WIS-TV Block Party! and she is the sweetest Person I have Ever Met. You see people on T.V. and met them in person they are very diffent people but nor Susan she's the same on T.V. as she is off T.V. and I will GREATLY miss her Smile.
  • DP, Denmark:
    I am saddened at Susan's retirement announcement, more sad that it was brought on by health problems. I remember when she was new at WIS as the weekend weather person.  She has done an outstanding job and will be missed.  I wish all good things for her as she goes into another phase of her life.
  • MW, Santee:
    I was shocked because Susan has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I wish WIS would let Susan do one more news brodcast this would be fitting for the her viewers to see her one more time. I liked how  NBC News did when John Chanceler and Tom Brokaw when they both retired. I truly like to  wish Susan a very happy retirement and would like to thank her for a job well done over the years that I watch her on the Wis  News Brodcast. Susan you are truly an insperation to me &  many others because you didn't let your handicap get in the way of your success and I thank you from the bottom of my heart because you taught me to live my life to the fullest. This is how I taught my 2 daughters to be. Again Susan I thank you and you truly will be missed. Your position at WIS may be filled but you never will never be replaced.
  • ES, Barnwell:
    I have enjoyed Susan's reports very much over the years.  I will miss her sweet smile and great personality very much.
  • AM, Irmo:
    I am glad Susan is putting her health first but she will truely be missed.  My children have grown up watching her and both feel she is an inspiration to all who have life challenges. I wish her the best of luck and health.
  • JH, Sumter:
    Sorry to see such a dedicated news professional leave. Her fans all wish her good health and the best, as she has been and will be missed.
  • KW, Bowman:
    I am so sad! Susan will be greatly missed. She was a joy to watch on the news and she always glowed with happiness. I wish her a speedy recovery and a happy retirement!!!!
  • PH, West Columbia:
    Our family will miss Susan as we feel she is very professional in all her reporting and exemplifies what others should aspire to be. What she reports is fair, balanced, and unbiased.  Our family will miss her newscasts, special reports, and her smile.  We wish her the best.
  • CM, Orangeburg:
    To be personally honest with you, I think she has done exceptionally good and deserves a break thru all that she has encountered thru the years. 'JOB WELL DONE' YOU GO ELECT LADY'
  • JA, Cameron:
    I have watched Susan do the new for WIS since I was a child. I really hate to see her go, but I understand. I wish Ms. Aude all the health, happiness in the world. She has overcome a lot of advirsities in her life. I don't see her retirement as a form of giving up; but rather a retreat. Which is what "Retirement"is all about. I feel sure we'll see her in the news from time to time giving hope and encouragement to those who think their life is over for one reason or another. Good Luck!! And God bless you Susan!!!
  • AM, Little Mountain:
    I was very sad when I saw Susan Aude last week talking to Craig Melvin about her retirement.  I have so many wonderful memories of her. The most special one is that my mother-in-law adored Susan and she died last October and while she was confined to her bed for almost a year, the highlight of her day was to watch Susan on the news each evening.  She looked forward to that and watched Susan up until the very end of her life.  We will truly miss Susan.  She is a wonderful, caring person.
  • LF, Columbia:
    Susan, my husband and I have been married 40 years and we remember you coming on TV and I thought you were the prettiest girl I ever saw.  I liked your smile, your behavior, your hair.  We have certainily enjoyed you being in our household these past years.  There will never be another TV reporter like you. May God bless you and hope your health is on the way up. Please make an appearances on TV every now and then so we can see your sunny smile and pretty face and to know that your are ok.  Love You.
  • JK, Prosperity:
    I was not suprised about Susan's retirement announcment, I was proud.  Susan has served WIS and the community well over the last several years.  I admire her choice to move into other avenues where God can contine to use her.  She has truly touched my life and it was very obvious she has touched the lives of the WIS team.  She is such an inspiration and I hope that she continues to reach out to the public.  I will miss her greatly.
  • EP, Columbia:
    Susan, you have been coming into my living room for years and it was always with much pleasure that we watched your beautiful face and that dazzling smile !! Both my husband and I will miss you more than you know but we wish you the very best and hope that your health will continue to improve and that you will continue to enjoy life as you bless everyone around you with your sweet presence. May God bless you always. Very sincerely.
  • SW, New Zion:
    it's sad to lose such a warm and caring person. you will be missed, susan,no-one can replace that wonderful smile.
  • JS, Columbia:
    Susan, You will be greatly missed. I can only wish you the very best life has to offer. May God continue to bless and keep you.
  • HM, Columbia:
    An Old Irish Blessing to you Susan:
    May the road rise up to meet you
    May the wind always be at your back
    May the sun shine upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    We wish you the best always
  • DS, Little Mountain:
    Always I could see the pain in Susan's face when she reported sad news, and the joy when she reported on happy things. She is such a caring person with such class and elegance.
  • JP, Columbia:
    I am 24 years old and grew up in the Midlands. Ever since I can remember, I've always associated Susan Aude with the news. My family and I have watched WIS news my entire life. She has always been an inspiration to me. Ms. Aude has been SO successful, as a disabled woman, giving us all the courage to do great things with our lives. Most people having an accident like that happen to them at such a young age, would have given up, but it seems that she did the exact opposite. I hope Ms. Aude knows exactly how many millions of lives she touched by her presence in our televisions over the last 27 years. She will never be forgotten.
  • CB, Cassatt:
    Susan, you are so loved and will be soooooooo missed. Good luck in your retirement---I hear it is wonderful!!!
  • TG, Florence:
    Susan Aude was a class act. No she is and always will be a class act. She showed that despite the setbacks life throws a persons way they can rise up to them and overcome them. Susan I met you many years ago during a tour of WIS and you were a gracious then as you are now.I wish you luck in retirement and hope that WIS will still call on you when we need a calming voice to deliver us the new. Thank you Susan you will be missed....
  • GB, Columbia:
    I am very sad that Susan is retiring.She has been an inspiration to all of us. I wish her the best of health and may God bless her.
  • LP, Columbia:
    I have always enjoyed seeing your beautiful smile on TV. I wish you the very best. Take care of yourself. Keep your smile with you. I know that you will be missed by many viewers.
  • AB, Columbia:
    Susan, your journalism and aplomb, along with your pleasant demeanor, will be missed dearly. I grew up watching you on WIS-TV and you always brought such professional sensitivity to the screen. I met you once in The Fresh Market in Forest Acres and you exuded such a glow with your presence. I hope that you fully enjoy your retirement and know that you have touched so many people's lives in a special way. God bless you, Susan.
  • MK, Columbia:
    We have watched Ms. Aude on WIS since we came here in 1990. She is the consumate professional and she will surely be missed. We both wish her the Very Best that God has to offer and our prayers will always be with her. Have a very blessed life!
  • DH, Columbia:
    A real professional thatI will dearly miss. She has so much class and always conducted herself like a true lady
  • EB, West Columbia:
    Susan.. You have been a blessing to both of us... I think your courage..your attitude about playing with the card you were dealt is an inspiration to all of us. Much happiness as you continue down life's road...we will be thinking of you more than you know and will always miss your sweet smile when the news comes on.. God bless and keep you.
  • JJ, Columbia:
    The realization that she has been so much a part of our lives over the past years.A daily visitor to our home we looked forward to her visits with us.We wish her happiness in her retirement and look forward to sharing her future and exciting achievments.
  • KW, Camden:
    My husband and I were saddened to hear of Susan's retirement. She will be missed.
  • LB, Florence:
    I moved to Columbia, SC in 1974 and have always admired Susans bright personality, grit and determination to be the best she can be. She really is more beautiful today than she was then.
  • DM, Scranton:
    I sure hate to see her leave. I have watched and admired her for years. She has always been an inspiration to me and Im sure for others as well. Susan we wish you all the very best.
  • PW, Columbia:
    Having lived in Columbia since 1973, I have enjoyed Susan's broadcasts from the beginning. She has epitomized grace, integrity, beauty, and professionalism from day one. She has served as an excellent role model, especially for girls and women. She will be missed!
  • WM, West Columbia:
    I have watched Susan almost every day throughout her career and I will miss her very much. I wish you luck and many good blessings in your retirement. You are one of a kind, the best.
  • JB, Hartsville:
    I have watched Susan since she first began her career with WIS-TV. She has always performed her job with a great deal of class and compassion. She is the ideal of professionalism in broadcasting. Her beautiful face and soothing, soft voice will be greatly missed by so many. Go with God, Susan, and enjoy whatever he has for the rest of your life.
  • TM, Batesburg:
    My family and I wish you all the best and we are going to miss you. You have been in our thoughts and prayers and WIS will not be the same without you. You take care and enjoy your retirement God Bless you and your family. Susan, you have been an inspiration to all of us especially to us women. We love you.. Tammy, Elizabeth, Crystal & J. Elizabeth, S.Carolina
  • LG, Columbia:
    I have watched Susan since she started at WIS. For a very long time I did not know she was in a wheelchair. She is a very warm and caring person and professional to the letter. Such an asset to WIS. She will be missed and I certainly hope she does come back from time to time. My prayer for her is good health in her retirement! Bye Susan.
  • KW, Batesburg:
    I am truly going to miss Susan. It was so good to see her each and every day on WIS. She will be sorely missed but please keep the viewers informed as to how she is doing. Susan, enjoy your retirement and take care of yourself
  • FM, Blythewood:
    Hi susan you will be missed by everyone in my family God bless you always. We love you.
  • JB, Springfield:
    Within three days Columbia will have lost two landmarks. However, only the Carolina Plaza Hotel will be forgotten six months from now.  Best wishes, Susan!
  • LC, Lexington:
    Susan will be missed on the news. She has been a wonderful role model for all young people, able bodied & disabled. My thoughts will be with her as she enters a new phase of her life.
  • RC, Pelion:
    I was so glad to see Susan again, she will be missed by all of the   WIS viewers. But like she said  it is time to go, she will have time for her family and friends now. I have watched her from the day she first started  at WIS she has come a long way over the years and has inspired us all.I hope from time to time she will drop by the station for a visit, she is not just a face on tv but a friend that has a very special place in your heart.Her faith has brought her through a lot this year and  im sure she prayed on her not comming back to work or not . I just feel sorry for Judi , she has to keep all the men in line now.
  • GS, Camden:
    You are absolutely one of a kind;  we surely will miss you. Best wishes in your retirement.
  • SH, Columbia:
    You know how you feel sad when a show you like Cheers goes off the air. This is far greater, because she is family. I was an 7th grader when Susan started and later remember her shooping in my grocery store with her daughter many years ago when I was a college student. Now I am 41 and father of 2. Not only was she always very nice, but in person she was nand still is strikingly beautiful. She is more that that of course as her beauty permiated her entire being, but I can tell you as a college student, I did not think about her as deeply. She was just pretty. Good luck Susan, God bless you and your family.
  • GB, Columbia:
    I had certainly hoped to see Ms. Aude return to the evening newscast. Her grace and professionalism in delivering the news, good and bad, will be missed.
  • MP, Columbia:
    I think that Ms. Aude' has always been an inspiration to all she has been in contact with, T. V. audience and those who know her personally.  She has proven time and time again, through her personal and professional lives, that when one absolutely sets their mind to accomplish any goal, it is attainable, regardless of the circumstances.  I wish her all the best and pray she is happy and will receive just as much as she has given all of us.  God Bless you, Susan Aude', you will be sorely missed!
  • VC, Hemingway:
    A Very sad day for all the viewers of WIS. A outstanding news anchor and a inspiration to all women . She will be greatly missed .
  • LW, Summerton:
    I have enjoyed Susan for so many years and will truly miss her. I wish her well and God has truly blessed her viewers for such a wonderful woman. She was not handicapped; we were for not being half the person she was. Please keep us informed as to what she is, and how she is doing.
  • LS, Columbia:
    I was shocked and sadden by the news of Susan's retirement. I was looking forward to her returning to the air after she had recovered from her hip injury. I have grown up watching Ms. Aude delivering the news. She will be greatly missed.
  • TA:
    Never have I met a person with just her smile brighten up your day. No matter what her adversity is she is a lovely person who will definitely be remembered. I really missed her when she left the airways. godd luck Ms.Aude
  • CN, Saluda:
    I have watched Susan Aude' from start to finish. Throughout the years watching local and national newscasts, I was often irritated by the journalists who allowed their opinions ( though not blatantly stated) to color their broadcasts. I never detected this in Susan's newscasts. In addition to all of the accolades I have read and wholeheartedly agree with, I must offer my respect for the above mentioned professionalism and express my thanks for the outstanding job as well as my sadness for her departure. Susan has benn and will continue to be missed.
  • CB, Columbia:
    I grew up watching Susan Aude Fisher on the news not even noticing that she was in a wheelchair until several years later.  Susan was always poised and professional.  She always wore a beautiful smile like she didn't have a care in the world.  She's a great role model for women everywhere and I applaud her.  Thank you Susan for everything.  God bless.
  • WD, St. Matthews:
    I wish you good luck in your retirement. It has been a pleasure to watch your smiling face for many years. Years ago I took Physical Therapy from your first cousin. Best of luck to a nice lady
  • PN, Columbia:
    Susan has represented Columbia like no other--she is our "Princess Diana"; a much loved and revered individual.  Although I completely understand her need to focus more on her health, etc., I, like many others, will miss the time we have shared with her through the daily news.
  • JV, Lexington:
    For as many years as I've lived here, Susan was a part of my life as I watched her news broadcasts. Longevity like her's in the broadcast business at any level is remarkable. My only hope is that we will continue to see her on air in some capacity, perhaps through special assignments. Best Wishes, !
  • DT, West Columbia:
    Thank you Susan, you will be missed!
  • WM, Denmark:
    When Craig and Judi announced on the newscast about Susan,I was shocked and heartbroken.But the decision is hers and I w, ish her the best.In fact she has already achieved one title and that is broadcast news legend.If she does return to TV news let is be at WIS-TV.
  • KW, Columbia:
    I thought it was a very touching story.  But even more touching, was Judy and Craig's response when the story was over.  Even though I was teary from the story, Judy was the one who made me cry.  You all have a wonderful crew who make the news very personal, not just an act.  Good luck to Susan, I know you all will miss her.
  • JT, West Columbia:
    Susan, was always so profes, sional in her reporting.  I "grew up" with her and will miss her smiling face!  I pray that her health will continue to improve and she will enjoy retirement for a while.  All of us know that she will eventually be in the public spotlight somewhere; she wouldn't dare waste such talent!
  • LH, Sumter:
    Good Luck Susan!  I met you in the 1980s at an American Association of Women in Community and Junior Colleges Conference.  We were at the USC Harbison Campus.  You were our main afternoon speaker.  What a wonderful person you are.  I will miss your being on the WIS TV News. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many people.
  • CJ, Hartsville:
    very sad ,she , was my favorite.
  • MH, Lexington
    I am 34 years old, have lived in the Midlands my whole life, and have grown up watching Susan on WIS ever since I can remember...It's just not going to be the same without her. I will miss her beautiful, smiling face on my TV. I wish her nothing but the best for her future endeavors and hope the rest of her life treats with the happienss she deserves. Take care of yourself Susan and enjoy your retirement!
  • BS, Columbia
    I feel that Susan is merely saying that she is "retiring" from WIS-TV and beginning a full-time (rather than a part-time) job of service to her state and her community! She'll never "retire."
  • KM, Orangeburg
    I have watched Susan for as long as I can remember. She will surley be missed on the TV. Hopefully she will be making guest appearances here and there. She is among the best of the best. I wish her all the best !!!
  • DF, Columbia
    What a great and inspiring lady! Susan personifies professionalism and it has been an honor and a pleasure watching her on WIS-TV. Best wishes!
  • LD, Laurens
    Susan--I have been keeping up with you for all these years on WISTV ---since our Erskine days. , You were my hall counselor at Carnegie ('72-'73), in fact, in the room next to yours. Eve Moskow and I were roommates. I knew something must have happened because you were not on for awhile. You have been the best and you will be missed greatly. Best of luck in retirement. Hope to see you in person once again one of these days.
  • JB, Lexington
    Susan is a very beautiful and talented woman. I wish her the best in everything she does in the future. I am really going to miss her, she really is the backbone for WISTV.
  • HM, Lexington
    My initial response upon learning of Susan's retirement was, "Oh no!" That was my selfish response however for no one deserves retirement more than she. Susan, you are a beautiful person and an inspiration to everyone you meet. I first met you when I was a teacher at , Northside Middle School in West Columbia in the fall of '78. I was in the hall as you were coming in the front door....we walked up the hall together so that I could show you to the library where you were taking part in Career Education Day. I continued on into the teacher's lounge and then it hit me....That was Susan Aude'!! At that point I returned to the library to speak with you again. From that moment on you were my newsperson. I also was honored to carry the Olympic Torch in 2001. David Able and I were on the same shuttle for the run and it so reminded me of the time you carried the torch and of the inspiration you and David both are to this community. May God Bless you and your family always. May you return to full health soon and I'll always look forward to seeing you whenever you can fill in at WIS. Your 'shoes' will be waiting there for you because no one else will ever be able to fill them.
  • WC, Columbia
    You will be missed! Susan has been an asset and inspiration to WIS TV, the Midlands and all of South Carolina for many, many years. With beauty, charm, integrity and strength in the face of what some would consider as an adversity (paraplegia), with Susan, it was almost a non-issue. Others may do the newscasts at WIS now, but it won't be the same. As the great newscaster Paul Harvey has said..."And now the rest of the story..." However, in this case there is NO rest of the story. Susan's retirement announcement is like an unfinished newscast. We're all waiting for the rest of the story -- the punchline of the joke. Sadly, Susan's retirement announcement IS the punchline. All the best to you and yours. I hope and pray that your health will improve and that you have a long and happy life.
  • JS, Blythewood
    When we moved here in '98 I clicked with another news station and have always watched them. On occasion, I have watched WIS and have always been impressed with Ms. Aude's reporting. I believe she will be missed greatly but her contributions will long be remembered. And hey, she's not going anywhere, just starting a new chapter in her life...congratulations! She's truly blessed and has blessed this community tremendously. Thank you Ms. Aude for everything you have done and will continue to do.
  • JJ, Irmo
    Susan deserves all the good that can come to her. I know she will enjoy her retirement and will be a credit to any profession that she decides to pursue. I have followed her career since she started with wis 28 years. I am a 90 year admirer of Susan and hope the best for her future. She deserves it. I had the pleasure of meeting her while she was shopping at a local store with her daughter who was about 6 years old at the time. Susan is and has been a great inspiration to so many for so long. God be with you.
  • SH, Cayce
    If I could prove it, I would be willing to bet that it all has to do with the company buyout. I sincerely do wish her well and WIS has lost a "Masterpiece."
  • GC, Columbia
    Even though I had begun to suspect Susan was not returning I will definitely miss her smiles and wonderful voice. Good luck and God bless you.
  • FP, Hopkins
    My husband and I were stationed at Ft. Lee, Va. as were her parents and I knew them through the Fort activities, but not personally. Susan and I have mutual friends one of whom visited her last year I believe. My daughter also graduated from Prince Geo High School with one of Susan's brothers. I shall miss seeing Susan each night and she was the main reason I started watching WIS. I wish her the very best in her upcoming retirement years and wish her better health. My love and God's blessing on you my friend,
  • SH, Batesburg
    I was saddened and disappointed when I learned that Susuan Aude was not returning to WISTV. She is a gracious Southern lady and her charm, wit, and sincerity will be sorely missed. She brought a certain "class" to the news: she was never silly or depressingly serious - she had just the right balance in her deliverance of the news. I admire her for all of her accomplishments when many would have drowned in self pity. Thanks for the memories, Susan. WIS news will never be the same. I will miss you!!!
  • EF, Columbia
    I really hate to see her leave. My husband and I have watched her every since she began. I hope the new owner of WIS did not ask for a retirement.
  • AS, Columbia
    Her retirement comes so soon after the takeover by raycom, I wonder if she was forced to retirement. She has been such a tremendous asset to Wis News, as well as, the entire community. I hope that she will be given some special assignments to do for Wis. Susan has always been a tremendous asset and inspiration to Wis, the community, and to me personally. Thanks Susan for all you have done.
  • PG, Darlington
    When I was a young man in the early 1980's, I had a terrible crush on Susan Aude', which I'm sure a lot of young men had at that time! As i watched her work with WIS through the years, I later found out about her handicap, and that young man's crush turned to genuine respect. Since WSPA radio went on the air in 1930 as South Carolina's first radio station, many personalities have touched this state right at it's heart. No one in radio or television who worked in this state, however, has overcome so much in their life to succeed in their chosen field as Susan has, and handled their responsibilities with class, dignity, grace and professionalism. Susan is living proof that you can overcome anything to be successful, but what is even more admirable is that she was able to be a superior journalist while raising a child as well despite her handicap. For those reasons, Susan Aude' should be in the South Carolina Hall Of Fame, because she is one of the most important and influential South , Carolinians to ever come along. She is an example for all of us to follow. God Bless You, Susan, and thanks for your work and your example!
  • AH, Irmo
    I was very saddened to hear that Susan had chose to retire, but I wasnt surprized. I knew that she had a long road ahead with her recovery and if that means she didnt spend every evening with us then I could understand. I have watched her since moving to the Irmo area in late 1984...She was an inspiration to me and now my children knew her as well...I have had the pleasure meeting this great lady and she truly is what you see on the air. WIS will never be the same without her, but we all understand...Godspeed Susan and please dont forget that we all love you! You will be truly missed!!
  • GS, Chapin
    It is a sad day. I was looking forward to the time she came back to the news. She is a legend in all that she has achieved. Best of wishes to her and may God bless her in the futher. Susan you will be missed.
  • AS, Columbia
    Her retirement comes so soon after the takeover by raycom, I wonder if she was forced to retirement. She has been such a tremendous asset to Wis News, as well as, the entire community. I hope that she will be given some special assignments to do for Wis. Susan has always been a tremendous asset and inspiration to Wis, the community, and to me personally. Thanks Susan for all you have done.
  • EB, West Columbia
    Ms. Aude will be sorely missed by all. She has been an inspiration to me as I'm also in a chair and I draw such strength from her. My husband had the pleasure of meeting her last year. Although WIS.TV is loosing a wonderful lady, she will always be in our hearts. Have some fun now and enjoy life. Wishing you Gods speed and a blessed retirement.
  • DS, Lexington
    I was very sad to hear that Susan would not be returning to WIS. She has always been such a professional and uplifting personality on the news. I have watched her for all of the years that she has been on WIS. I always admired her for her strength after her car accident. She will be missed greatly. I pray that God will bless her in whatever path her life takes now. Susan, South Carolina will miss your smiling face on our news everyday. God Bless and Take Care of Yourself.
  • DP - Winter Springs, FL
    I would like to send Ms.Aude my best wishes. As a little girl growing up in South Congaree I always remember watching her on the news. Even though I now reside in Florida, I will always remember her beautiful smile. Ms. Aude, may God continue to bless you.
  • BH, Columbia
    Thank you Susan for being a bright spot on TV for so long. Good luck in whatever you do in the future. I know you will be succesful.
  • JR, Columbia
    I am saddened to hear that Susan Aude has chosen to retire. Her choice to retire at this time appears to be medically related. The prescence of Ms. Aude will be missed; however, I will continue to be a faithful WIS viewer. God Bless
  • CB
    I was sad to hear that she is retiring she is my role model when I was about 7 or 8 i remember going to WIS and meeting her that was the highlight of the day Then I heard that she was speaking at Mt Herman Lutheran Church & I got to see her & we got our picture made
  • CV, Leesville
    I just wanted to say how much I looked forward to seeing Susan every night...I moved into the area in the early 80's and from the first time I saw her I knew she was the one to watch, so when all this happened to her, I missed her so much. Susan I will miss you but when it comes to your health, I trully understand. Give Blythe my love as well... A devoted wis-tv watcher...
  • GJ, Manning
    WISTV will be able to fill the position vacated by Ms. Aude' but they will not be able to find anyone to take her place. Good luck and may Gob Bless!
  • MH, , Columbia
    We move to Columbia from Europe in 1974, just before Susan's onset to success. It has been a priviledge to be one of her admirers for all these years. My wife and I wish her all the best in what ever she decideds to do in the future.
  • LB, Columbia
    I will miss her very much. I have been watching WIS-TV since I was a child. I am now 49, I grew up with Susan. WIS-TV is losing a great asset. I wish her well and hope she will touch base with the viewers of WIS-TV from time to time. The best to you and yours.
  • LS, Lexington
    My whole life I can remember watching WIS and Susan Aude each evening. Seeing all the flash backs to the old studio sets last night made me think about my childhood, as I am 23 now.I feel like i grew up with her. She is an amazing woman and the people of the midlands have been lucky to have her in our lives and homes for so long. When you think WIS you think Susan Aude and there will never be another one like her.
  • LM, Prosperity
    Shocked, but I understand. God, health and family always come first. she is doing the right thing for her for now. If she recovers fully later she can always help out when needed there at WIS. I wish her well, and like with most. She probably has something she wants to do that up until now has not had the time to do. Best of luck Susan!
  • HM, Columbia
    We were really saddened with the news of Susan's retirement. No question she has earned it but selfishly we will miss her terribly..we have missed her terribly. She was a part of our household for so long and we admire her tremendously. She is special in every way and has our warmest wishes for a wonderful retirement and a long life to enjoy it. She will remain in our prayers.
  • GS, Orangeburg
    I was really not surprised to hear that Susan was going to retire. I know from personal experience that it's hard to get over a broken hip for a normal person so I imagine a paraplegic such as Susan really has more problems than any of us can imagine.
  • AM - Washington, DC
    I'm thrilled for Ms. Aude, but just a little bit sad, too. This is most certainly the end of an era. What Susan Aude could not possibly realize is that I became a reporter because of her. I watched her when I was young and was inspired by her ability to show poise, grace and grit in a world traditionally dominated by men. Now I'm a news anchor/reporter in the nation's capitol. I've won several national awards and covered some heavy stories. But I've never forgotten that Ms. Aude was my first glimpse into what a woman can do in broadcasting if she works hard enough and is determined to make it. Susan Aude, you should be very proud. I suspect you have no idea the impact you've had on young women all over South Carolina who now live, literally, all over the world. Take care of yourself. You will be missed.
  • EB, Dalzell
    When I heard the news of Susan's retirement, I was absolutly saddened to the fact that we won't be having my favorite anchorwoman coming back to WIS-TV. Although I completly understand where she's coming from. You see, I too, have to deal with certain disabilities myself, and you have to take care of yourself. I was so looking forward seeing Susan return back to work, maybe once in a while she'll come back to report something for WIS. I will be one of millions to miss her. I know that God blessed you Susan with a wonderful talent for many years. And I know that He's not finished with you yet. You have a way to make the sun shine on us, even when the sun wasn't shining. And even when you had to report bad news, you still have that ray of hope for everyone through your smile. I have been praying for you Susan, and will continue to. I know this decision wasn't easy for you to make, and you have done the right thing. Thank you Susan for all the wonderful years that you gave to us, and your dedication and loyality to your work, even when you probably weren't feeling your best. You take care of yourself, and know that others will be praying for you Susan, God Bless.
  • KM, Columbia
    Susan, I'll miss seeing your sweet face and the clout that comes with it. I wish for you a great recovery and just maybe, when you are stronger you'll consider coming back to us in some way that will continue to inform us but not jeopardize your health or sacrifice your retirement. Columbia remains gratefully yours,
  • CB, Cameron
    I surely hate to see Ms. Aude leave WIS but we all have to do what is best for our health, and since this is the case I really wish her all the best. Seeing her on the news for over twenty-five years has been wonderful, and we'll never know the countless number she has inspired with all of her wonderfull qualities. Thank you, Susan.
  • CC, St. Matthews
    I tell my grandchildren to be beautiful on the inside and you'll always be beautiful on the outside. Susan is one of those people.
  • LB, West Columbia
    I loved to watch Susan on the news and am saddened by her retiring, but understand her decision. Susan will be deeply missed and I wish her only the best! Love ya Susan!
  • FM, Columbia
    Ms. Aude has been and will remain an inspiration to all of us in the WIS viewing area. Thank you for hiring her and for putting her in a visible position from which she was able to motivate so many!
  • BA, Batesburg
    I wish you the very best. You have been a inspiration to all your loyal viewers. We will miss your beautiful smile. May God bless you in whatever you choose to do.
  • PM, Columbia
    I am so sad that Susan is retiring! I grew up watching her on WIS and and will miss seeing her smile. She has the most comforting presense and delivers the nightly news so professionally.
  • RN, Cayce
    I will really mise her presence on the six o'clock news I thought she was so much of A Lady but most of all she was perfessional. I never new she was in a wheel chair until I meet her out when I was having lunch and she is prettier in person. I wish her the best of health and God Bless.
  • TT, Lexington
    I will miss seeing Susan Aude on WIS. I was 8 years old when Susan came to WIS and I grew up watching her because my parents have always watched WIS News. I hope her retirement brings new adventure to her life.
  • BA, Cheraw
    I watched Susan as a young teen and I still watch her today as a 40 year old man, the one thing that has not changed is her professionalism and doing the job right. All of us could learn by her example. I say to you JOB WELL DONE and enjoy your retirement you have earned it. Thank You!!
  • MC, Columbia
    Susan, I feel as though we've grown 'old' together; you're a warm and comfortable part of my life. I shall miss seeing you regularly, and I too hope that you'll appear from time to time with special interest reports. Best Wishes and Prayers for your good health
  • DG, Lexington
    What a sad night it felt like you were loosing a family member. I think she was the best at what she did. Thanks for the memories Susan you will be missed... How about doing special reports that way we could see you know and then.....
  • DB, Columbia
    She was a 'fixture' at WIS and will be greatly missed by all. However, wish her the best as she begins her new life in retirement; even though she plans to stay busy in her community, church and elsewhere.
  • LG, Prosperity
    Susan has definitely had a major impact on South Carolinians. Personally, I feel she has set a wonderful example for women and I'll never forget my first (and only) experience in meeting her. It was nearly 20 years ago and I was still a teenager,however, I was @ the Columbia Mall shopping in Rich's Department Store. Not realizing how I was rushing I literally walked up on her as she was entering the store in her wheelchair. She and her daughter (who was very young) were there shopping as well. When I realized who she was, I was stunned even then. It was like bumping into OPRAH or something and I NEVER forgot the experience. She was so pleasant even then. Talk about a major impact, she IS! My best wishes go to Susan for leading such an independent and fulfilling life!
  • HC, Turbeville
    Susan has been an encouragement to me. I always looked forward to her genuine smile as she brought the news into my home. WIS-TV will not be the same without her. I wish her God's richest blessings as she retires.
  • TK, Irmo
    Awwww! The news just won't be the same without her! She'll be tremendously missed!
  • MG - Durham, NC
    I pulled up the WIS website as I do every day, and I am sitting at my desk up here in Durham-Raleigh, NC with tears in my eyes! I grew up watching Susan Aude' on WIS. Susan, I wish you much luck and a continued recovery from your injury. Thank you for being the face I trusted so much for my news!
  • DB, Cassatt
    I would just like to say that i wish Susan the best. I grew up watching her on channel 10 and remember when she carried the torch of the 96' olympics and was shocked at that point to find out she was is a wheel chair. My grandmother always said that Susan was a very special woman but I never knew why until that day. Best of luck on your future achievements i know will come.
  • BP, Lexington
    I am 28 years old and as long as I can remember I have been getting my news from Susan Aude'. She is a wonderful news anchor and, as I learned in a visit to my elementary school years back, a spectacular role model and inspiration. I hope she enjoys her well deserved retirement from a job well done!
  • FC, Georgetown
    As a 28-year old African American male elementary principal, I know firsthand the adversities someone can face due to circumstances beyond their control. I admire Susan because she kept the faith, pursued her dream, and always remembered where she came from--traits that I am working on and would like for someone to say about me in the future. Susan is an inspiration. From my days at USC, I remember watching her on the news. She will forever be the voice of WIS. Thanks for the memories.
  • MN, Sumter
    It is with heavy heart that we have learned of Susan's retirement. Both my husband and I have looked to WIS-TV news each day to hear Susan report the news. She is just a delightful person and will be missed by all.
  • CW, Hartsville
    I am happy for Susan, but sad for the viewers. I grew up watching her on the news. It seems like she's been the only constant on any of the networks in the area. I hope that she enjoys retirement. She will be missed.
  • GG, Columbia
    After hearing that Susan's recovery was going so well I thought for sure that she was announcing her return to the news desk. What a tremendous loss to the viewers across the state. Susan, I wish you the absolute best. Have you thought about reporting the news just once a week like your friend Joe Pinner? May God bless you and your family as much as you have blessed mine.
  • CR, Springfield
    Susan, I have been watching you on WIS-TV since 1975. You are a very special person and news anchor. I hope you know how lucky you are to be able to retire. Good Luck on you new adventures in the future! May God continue to shine his light upon you and your family!
  • DA, Sumter
    Susan has always been that ray of sunshine that you look for on a dreary, rainy day. Her dedication, willpower and ever glowing presenc, e has been an inspiration to all South Carolinians. We will all miss seeing her on WIS-TV. Susan, we wish you good health and happiness in your retirement.
  • GU, Columbia
    Dear Susan: Say it isn`t so. Like all your fans will miss you. Seeing you hailed as a "serious journalist", reminds me that H. L. Mencken once said "journalists are guys who bum drinks off reporters". Mencken knew as I am certain you do that the heart of our businness is good reporting and though some of us wind up in anchor chairs, we only aspire to be "good reporters". It seems to me plain that you are one of the best. If it`s okay with you, I won`t think of you as "in retirement". Susan is on special assignment.
  • CB, Sumter
    When WIS announced a special annoucement about Susan Aude last night, somehow this was what I expected as she has had some health issues over the past few years. I am so sorry to see her leave as she was one of the first names I became familiar with when I moved to South Carolina as she was a very talented news anchor. Since 1983, WIS has been an important part of my life and I've watched folks come and go but she and Joe Pinner have remained constant and dependable faces that stand for integrity. God bless Susan as she enters a new phase of life and my He bless her richly with new adventures to encourage her.
  • MM, Camden
    Although I am not Irish, the Irish blessing came to mind when I heard that Susan's quiet, yet strong, and articulate presence would no longer be a nightly presence in our living rooms. This is for her. "May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back, May the sun shine warm on your face, The rain fall softly on your fields; And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand."
  • DB, Cayce
    I keep watching the News each night and wondering when Susan is coming back. Now, as she has announced her retirement, it saddens me to know that she will not be back in her usual place. I met her once at the Fair and saw her one year at the Carolina Craftsman navigating very well - what wheelchair??? She was so delightful - a real genuine person! I wish her only the best life has to offer. I already miss her.
  • MB, Bishopville
    Susan, You are number 1. May God bless you and your family. My wife Betsy cried after the report last night!!! We will miss you girl!! Have fun!! WIS want be the same!!!!
  • CB, Lexington
    When my wife and I were first married in 1978, we lived in a small house. Our tv could only get one station, wis. We have always felt as if Susan was a part of our family. We will miss her. She was always that smiling face on the news. As the years have gone by, we have "grown up" together with Susan for the last 28 years. Susan, you have always been professional and we always felt proud of the way you have handled everything, from the news both good and bad and the way you have lived your life no matter what was sent your way. When you carried the olympic torch, my wife Sherry and I could not help but shed a tear, feeling the pride for our friend and sister, who we have grown up with. We will truly miss you and we, hope that you enjoy your retirement. Sure makes us feel a little old though. Keep smiling that beautiful smile and always know that if we can be of any help to you in the future, Remember you have a friend.
  • MM, Leesville
    Will miss your smiling face but wish the best to you now and the future.
  • GC, Swansea
    I will miss Susan very much. Being a retired Navyman, all I can say to Susan is "Fair Winds and Following Seas", my dear Lady. Enjoy your retirement. ;(
  • CG, Orangeburg
    Susan's retirement is like the lost of a trusted friend. Best wishes.
  • JH, Columbia
    I am very sorry to see susan retire from wis. She has been a real asset and a joy to watch. I am glad that she is able to retire and enjoy life to its fullest. May god bless her is a special way.
  • KM, Columbia
    I was terribly disappointed at the news of Susan's retirement, however, what's more important is Susan's health, well-being, and choice to live her life as she chooses to. God Bless you Susan, you will truly be missed.
  • RA, Edgefield
    Susan I was astudent with you at Erskine college,even though we did not no each other well,your smile and personality showed each day and it does now with wis,we love you then,we love you now
  • JM, Columbia
    Well, this is such a sad time for all of the WIS viewers. I, like so many others, have watched Susan from her beginning. She is truly an inspiration to all. Her courage and determination after her accident stand as a testimony to all of us that you can achieve anything if you really want to. Susan, I wish you continued recovery and wish all the best to you and your daughter. This is soooo sad. I feel like I have lost a great family member. May God bestow all his blessings on you and lift you up. Please keep us, the public, aware of your continued progress.
  • DW, Blythewood
    Ms. Fisher has always exhibited only the highest professionalism and integrity over the years. As a young person, I looked up to her and have always thought of her as a fabulous role model. She will be sorely missed by us all. Good luck to you, Ms. Fisher!
  • JG, Columbia
    We are losing a truly wonderful newswoman, but also such a classy lady. I have watched Susan Aude for many years & she is the ultimate professional. I wish Susan all the best!
  • AB, Irmo
    Ms. Aude, has truly been a inspiration. I have watch her on WIS new for all my life. She is always so up beat and very friendly and always so beautiful. She will truly be missed by all. I respect her decision, I know she would only choose what is best. She will greatly be missed, but I hope her health issues will pan there self out and maker her stronger than ever.
  • RB, Chapin
    I too was very sad to hear that Susan had decided to retire. I was okay until I saw Judi started wiping her tears away after Susan's announcement. She will be dearly missed not only by her co-workers but also by the WIS viewers who have watched her through the man, y years of her service broadcasting the news. She is indeed an icon for WIS TV and an inspiration to all. A job well done by a woman who dared to let anything stop her. The best of luck to you Susan and thank you for letting us as your viewers be a part of your pathway........
  • JO, Lexin, gton
    I started watch Ms. Susan Aude on WIS since I was a child. She was really genuine person both on camera and off camera (as I had the privilege of meeting her this past summer). I had desired to see her back on the air sometime, and seeing this news was bittersweet for me as she will not be back on the air. However, she has earned her retirement, and we will miss her. Thanks for all your work for South Carolina through WIS.
  • DH, Hartsville
    Susan has done an excellent job at WIS, even though it is sad to know she is retiring, she should as she says but her health first, she has the desire and drive to be of service to other areas besides broadcast and she should live her dream to the fullest, she is a remarkable example to young girls today to strive to be the best, to set a positive image for those what are watching them! Good Luck Susan!!!
  • DB, Chapin
    Susan, your beautiful smile, sincere concern for what you reported, and the wonderful example you, set for all, will be missed. May God bless you in the days of your retirement.
  • JC, Saluda
    Hopefully Susan will stop by and say hello every now and then because we will miss seeing her smiling face. She seems to be such a sweet person, I just hate that I have never had a chance to meet her in person. She is so strong and won't let anything get her down...a great role model for anyone dealing with a chronic health condition...(myself included). She has always worked hard and she deserves to enjoy herself now. We love you Susan, have fun and keep smiling!
  • BS, Columbia
    I am a 53 year old teacher and Columbia native. I have thoroughly enjoyed "growing up" with Susan on WIS the past 27 years. The two women I admire most in this world are Susan and Oprah!!!! Thanks, Susan, for sharing your pleasant personality and wonderful attitude with our fair city the past 27 years!!! PS - At least do some commercials so we can see you occasionally!!
  • ST, Lugoff
    you have been a delight to see each and every day.your professional delivery of anything you covered was a much needed refreshing change to the news cast!i grew up watching you and have truely enjoyed each and every time i saw your are the joe pinner of female reporters at wis and they were lucky to get you when they did!!you will be missed very much!i wish only the best for you as you begin your new "story" in life-and best of health.may the LORD bless you always.drop by every now and then to the wis studio and give us the viewers a chance to see you and know how you are-with much admiration
  • RM, Columbia
    You've always been my favorite, Susan. I will miss you and wish you much joy in the next phase of your life. Thanks for everything.
  • SJ, Sumter
    Susan Aude will be missed. Her empathy always seemed to show through while she continued to maintain her professional demeanor. I wish her best of luck and happiness for the future.
  • BH, Columbia
    Susan, this is the end of an era. I will miss you. I wish you the very best. You take care
  • JM, West Col,, umbia
    Susan, I will miss seeing you on WIS but retirement can be good. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  • BT, Greenwood
    It is sad to see such a talented newscaster retire. Her personality is so bright and caring. Her health of course must come first. She will be missed by her many listeners around the state.
  • BM, Leesville
    Susan Aude is WIS-TV and she will be sorely missed as she retires. I wish her the very best in her retirement. I have so many memories of watching her, first as the weather girl and then as news anchor. She has always been so professional in everything that she has done. She has delivered the news with style and grace and always wearing a beautiful smile. That smile shines from inside. She is truly a wonderful person and that always has shown through as she has brought us the news. Happy Retirement, Susan!!
  • AC, Lexington
    I greatly admire S Aude's ability to continue on against odds that would defeat most anybody else but she was one of the most politically biased reporters WIS ever hired.
  • JH, Lake Murray:
    When I heard of Susan's retirement, I had the sudden urge to look up the word 'class' in my dictionary.  When I did, I found her p, icture there.  We love you, dear lady.
  • TS, Chapin:
    My husband and I wer very sad to hear tonight that Susan was retiring. I have watched her for probably all of the years she has been on WIS. She has been an inspiration to everyone and has touched all of our lives just by her example. What a wonderful mentor she has been to so many young women. Her beautiful smile, her genuiness of spirit and sincerity will be greatly missed. I hope WIS will help us keep up with Susan as she has been and always will be a part of our family. God bless you Susan and may you enjoy your retirement , and I hope God showers you with many blessings in the years to come.
  • CG, Orangeburg:
    What else can it be but heartbreaking?? Susan has been around since I was 22 years old. I remember looking up to her and wondering how can she do this after such a horrible accident. She could have crawled under a rock and no one could have blamed her. But no she worked as a weather girl and on up to the top. What a determined lady she is. I think she does not want to quit but her situation is forcing her too. Life is not fair. E, specially when you are a survivor.
    I feel like just crying. I will miss her. Please keep us all informed with how she is doing. I have loved her and admired her for all these years. She will be GREATLY missed. This is just heartbreaking. I have never given a response to anything on your show before but this time I must. Susan you will always be loved. Take care my friend.
  • JS, Columbia:
    We are very sorry to see Susan go.  She has been a part of our family for the 19 years we have been married and even before then.  She will certainly be missed on Wis-10.  We hope to continue to see her around town as in the past.  We would like to bid her Gods speed and know that he will direst her path as she takes on this new chapter in her life. We would like to offer her our prayers for her continued recovery. May God bless and keep you.
  • JB, Orangeburg:
    I am devastated, feeling as if I've lost a family member. Susan has been such an important part of my life; unknowingly, giving me courage, inspiration, drive and the desire to meet this thing called "life" head-on. Will you (WIS) please keep us informed on how's she is doing and what she is doing - after all, we are her family and we lovingly care.

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