What can I do to lower my risks?

Women can take charge of their health by making positive lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. Talk to your doctor to find out how you can live a longer, healthier life. Here are some questions to ask:

What is cholesterol and how may too much of it affect my health?
What is my HDL ("good") level, my LDL ("bad") level and my total cholesterol level?
What is my triglyceride level?
How often should I have my cholesterol checked?

High Blood Pressure
What is high blood pressure and how may it affect my health?
What is my blood pressure and how can I reach and maintain a healthy level?
How often should I have my blood pressure checked?

At what weight would I be considered overweight or obese?
What is a heart healthy way to eat?

How does smoking affect my heart health?
How can I quit smoking?
How can I avoid possible weight gain after I quit smoking?

What is diabetes and how may it affect my heart health? What are the risk factors for diabetes? Diabetes runs in my family. How can I prevent it?

Physical Activity
How much physical activity should I engage in?
What can I do to increase my physical activity levels?

Family History
Does my family history of heart disease and stroke put me at increased risk for these diseases?