Justices refuse to hear SC anti-war protester appeal

(Washington-AP) January 17, 2006 - The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from an anti-war protester in South Carolina.

Brett Bursey was convicted of violating a "restricted area" established during President Bush's visit to South Carolina in 2002. Bursey had urged the justices to hear his appeal of a $500 fine he was assessed for entering a restricted area near an airport hanger in West Columbia.

Bursey's lawyers say in court papers that he was exercising his free-speech rights when he carried a megaphone and a placard into the restricted area. His lawyers wanted the high court to limit the government's ability to expand restricted areas during presidential events.

A Secret Service agent told Bursey he could protest in a designated area a half-mile away. He was arrested when he refused to leave the restricted area.

When reached by phone Tuesday, Bursey said he wanted to talk to his attorney before commenting.

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