Text of voice mail

(Camden) Jan. 11, 2006 - The full text of the message "Keith" left for Howard follows:

"Hey Howard. This is Keith over at Mid-Carolina.

"Just because you weren't man enough to talk to me, you had to hang up.

"Let me explain just a few facts of life. The first fact of life is this is why you make $80,000 a year and you live in a mobile home that's falling apart and that you have no equity left and nobody to loan to you.

"It's just a matter of time before you go bankrupt, brother, because it's about to happen to you because you are underhanded and you are a scumbag.

"You couldn't have got approved anywhere else. I got you approved.

"You weren't even man enough to call me and let me know you were shopping around and the best thing – and here's what I love about this – you went to World of Windows. Wait until you see what they are going to do for you. That is a franchise. They aren't even contractors. Wait until you see that window. If you wanted that window, or that siding, I could have done it for you for $3000, $3500 at the top. Wait until you see what you're going to get.

"But again, because you weren't man enough to call me and speak to me about what was going on, I would have helped you out, done the right thing. But you are scumbag and you went back to the company that I got you approved with because once again, you couldn't get approved with anybody because you don't pay your bills. Your Beacon score is overloaded and you are just a bankruptcy waiting to happen.

"So, now your punishment is that you're going to have to deal with a company that knows nothing about construction, is going to give you the cheapest window and the cheapest siding. You might as well have gone to Lowe's because that is about the quality you are going to get. And you deserve what you get. Once again, I will tell you this – you aren't a man, you are a boy. You hung up. You hung up the phone on me. You didn't even let me explain what was going on.

"That's why you are what you are. That's why you're always going to suffer, make $80,000 a year and live in a mobile home that's falling apart, mind you, that doesn't even come together at the seams, that way it's going to leak. That's why you'll always have water in it which I was going to correct for you.

"But now, you will suffer and you will deserve what you get for being a scumbag punk that couldn't even talk. You want to discuss this. I'll discuss it anytime, any place, anywhere, in person or on the phone, if you have the guts."

Posted 7:00pm by Chantelle Janelle