SC National Guard had to leave $50 million worth of equipment in Iraq

(Columbia-AP) January 2, 2006 - South Carolina National Guard units that deployed to Iraq last year had to leave $50 million in equipment behind and they aren't sure when the items will be returned or even replaced.

Colonel Ronald Huff is the Guard's deputy chief of staff for logistics. Huff says South Carolina's units were asked to leave 24 Bradley Fighting Vehicles and 169 heavy transport trucks and Humvees.

They also left hundreds of radios, weapons, tools and other equipment.

But, Huff says, even if the units had been able to bring back some of their equipment, it is "very, very worn."

The 122nd Engineer Battalion based in Edgefield brought back many of their dump trucks, but they were nearly useless upon return.

Posted 11:14am by Bryce Mursch