UPULSIT TEST - Americans begin fast to protest treatment at Guantanamo

(Havana, Cuba-AP) Dec. 12, 2005 - A protest is under way outside the US naval base in Cuba, where American activists are trying to draw attention to the treatment of terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

The activists are members of a largely Christian group called Witness Against Torture. They're demanding access to the prison camp, so they can meet with inmates.

They arrived Sunday night at a checkpoint about five miles from the base, after a five-day march from eastern Cuba. One demonstrator, Frida Berrigan, says, "We are closer to these prisoners than their family members have been since they were arrested."

She's the daughter of the late Vietnam War protestor Phillip Berrigan.

Inside the prison itself, 32 prisoners are on hunger strikes to protest what they say is cruel and inhumane treatment. Twenty-five of them are being fed through tubes.

Posted 9:40pm by Chantelle Janelle