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Do you think churches should cancel services on Christmas?

  • CB, Sumter:
    Absolutely NOT!  Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is the reason for our celebration of Christmas.  Our society has become too commercial and too focused on material things vs. the spiritual things that truly matter in a person's life.  I understand if churches choose to have only one service if they usually have 2 or more on Sunday mornings or even choosing to have an evening worship service vs. a morning one to allow ministers to have time with their families Christmas morning.  There are many constructive ways to make celebrating Christmas on Sunday a truly blessed event for everyone.
  • DM, Dalzell:
    I think all churches should have service on Christmas day whether it is on a Sunday or not. We need to celebrate the birth of Jesus and understand the real meaning of Christmas.
  • KR, Lancaster:
    How can Christians complain about Merry Christmas not being said, or trees being called "Holiday Trees" if they are not going to worship on the Birthday of Christ.  How hypocritical can you be!!!
  • BB, Chapin:
    Definitely not! What are we teaching our children if we put "Santa Claus" ahead of Jesus Christ? Yes, we may be tired from getting up early, but how is this any different from Easter? Are we going to now start canceling Easter services because they get in the way of the Easter Bunny and family time? This is so hypocritical!
  • LW, Lexington:
    Absolutely not.  It hurts me to see that our society has forgotten the real reason for the season.  The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to worship Him.  Yes, time with family is important... but can we not take an hour or two out of our day to worship? I can understand having only one service, but I feel that closing the church all together completely denounces what the "busyness" is all about! :)
  • DM, Irmo
    Absolutely Not, Christmas has become extremely commercial and for those that believe in this tradition and the religious aspect of the holiday the church services are very needed. Those that do not practice this holiday the service would not affect them. I realize this is a family time for most and a lot of people visit and go out of town but we all must remember the reason we observe this grand holiday.