Neuropathy results from nerve damage

Most people have never heard of Neuropathy, so when they begin to experience numbness in their limbs they feel lost, not sure what their problem is or where to turn. Neuropathy results from nerve damage. It can cause weakness, pain or loss of coordination in the arms or legs. There are several different causes of types of Neuropathy, diabetes, chemotherapy and circulatory problems. It can be very painful and there is no cure, but it can be controlled with proper treatment.

Neuropathy usually starts with weakness, numbness or pain. Some of the warning signs and symptoms people describe are listed here. Weakness in the arms or legs, with difficulty walking or running. Muscle cramps are common. In the arms, carrying groceries, turning doorknobs or dropping things all can be a symptom of Neuropathy. Because you become unsure of where your feet are being place walking becomes unsteady. The pain can become worse at night making it difficult to sleep.

Check with your physician if you think you have the symptoms of Neuropathy. There are new treatments being developed that may help you. See if there is a support group near you, so that you can meet others who have the same problems that you may have. Also, go to the web sites listed here for more information.