Flies infest Lee County community

(Lee County) December 1, 2005 - Call it nasty, disturbing or whatever you want. Right now, though, a swarm of insects is invading the community of lamar.

Pesky, dirty, and downright disgusting. That's how Tammy Calhoun describes the flies that have invaded her property in Lee County.

"I've gotten them in my mouth and swallowed them. That's disgusting to me. It's disgusting," says Calhoun.

They've even made their way inside, making the Calhoun's mealtime unappetizing.

Tammy has tried arming herself with pesticides and heavy duty cleaning, but nothing seems to work.

"There's so much poison around this place, [and] they're still coming to it."

Tammy says she's waited all of her life to have 12 acres and a double-wide, but because of the fly infestation, she now considers leaving.

And it's not just at Tammy's house. The flies seem to be a problem all up and down Jennings Road.

Another resident of Jennings Road, Jerry Arinder, has to take his hat off to fan the flies out of his doorway just to get inside.

Arinder says, "the only way I can describe my flies is like the biblical plague."

The Department of Health says the flies are coming from nearby farms where manure has been spread, a practice that's acceptable.

Although Calhoun and her neighbors know there's not much they can do, she says, "you can't live like this. Not a normal person can live like this."

Reported by Maggie Alexander

Posted 10:27pm by Graeme Moore