Cayce chosen as home for new film studio

(Cayce) November 28, 2005 - A media production and marketing firm broke ground Monday for the state's largest private film studio. Genesis Creative Media Production and Marketing plans a 9,500-square-foot building in Cayce that will house a 4,000-square-foot studio.

The studio is being built on seven acres not far from Davis Elementary School.

Cliff Springs is president and co-founder of Genesis Creative Media and Marketing, "I firmly believe that for film making to ever become a significant cog in the state economy, the foundation must come from within."

"Because of the diversity of landscape and culture and lower production costs, we have a prime opportunity to build that foundation on lower budget projects which hopefully will look and feel comparable to higher budget projects produced in traditional film making markets," added Springs.

There is work already on-site there. The studio will be built in several phases as the company focuses on commercial production, animation, graphic design and so forth. The first phase is offices and a 4,000 square foot studio. Plans then call for a workshop and three larger studios.

They believe Columbia is a viable movie production location. Springs thinks the Columbia area has the potential to do what Wilmington, North Carolina, did, and that is to become sort of a mecca for movie making.

"The overall location and what the facility has to offer is going to be the selling point. I mean we're five minutes from downtown Columbia. People know where Columbia is, and we're convenient to two different interstates."

Springs says not only does Columbia offer a wide variety of good shooting locations, but also a sizeable amount of homegrown talent. For instance, local aspiring screenwriter Les Carroll is also known to many as spokesman for the Air National Guard, "Obviously the ability to shoot a movie here in Columbia and in this area would be very beneficial for me and other writers."

Genesis Creative is already working on its first film. "Ockham's Razor" is a murder mystery said to be inspired by former Governor David Beasley and the battle over video poker. Springs says it's the kind of offbeat, character-driven movie needed to catch Hollywood's attention, "The key, really, is to create a project that looks much bigger than its budget. That's step one."

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