Make-A-Wish Foundation grants one for 3-year-old cancer patient

(Columbia) November 27, 2005 - There were big smiles today as a little boy suffering from cancer had his wish come true.

For months, all three-year-old Seth McCartney could talk about was Thomas the Train, and today, the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted that wish.

"This is what he's been waiting for," said Cindy McCartney, Seth's mom.

"He lit up like the 4th of July."

Shortly after his 1st birthday, Seth was diagnosed with a rare form of genetic cancer called neuroblastoma, and since then, he's undergone numerous treatments, including chemotherapy.

Cindy says her little boy is a happy child, even during chemotherapy.

"He was always smiling," says Cindy.

Cindy, a single parent, says after being in and out of the hospital over the past two years, Sunday's event is a welcomed change.

"It's amazing he's here. We've had some pretty tough calls and even came close to losing him a few times, but he's still here," says Cindy.

Toni Sheridan is one of those from the Make-A-Wish Foundation who helped make Seth's wish of having the train possible.

Seeing how happy Seth and his family were, Sheridan says,"all the energy to put this together was worth it."

Cindy says doctors have told her Seth's cancer is incurable, but still she has hope that he will be all right.

"Every day you wonder if this is going to be the day," says Cindy.

Today's gift, however, allowed them to forget about the cancer and just be a family.

"This is special for him, and we know he appreciates it," Cindy says.

Right now, doctors say they can find no evidence of the disease, but that doesn't mean Seth is cured. In fact, Seth is scheduled to have a biopsy later this week.

To make a donation for Seth, contact your local Bank of America branch.

Reported by Tamara King

Posted 10:57pm by Graeme Moore