Group promotes "Buy Nothing Day"

(Midlands) Nov. 25, 2005 - While many crowd the stores looking to snatch up everything on sale, others say you should buy nothing on Black Friday. One group is against the holiday rush.

But Shopper Kelly Hawkins says the sales end and you have to catch them while you can, "You wait till tomorrow, the sales aren't there."

Hawkins says it's "pretty much" about saving some money on things you would normally buy anyway. She plans to "buy things that are on a better sale today than tomorrow."

Some are taking a different stance, making Black Friday into "Buy Nothing Day." Tim Liszewski of the South Carolina Progressive Network says, "Buy Nothing Day is basically meant to get us out of a consumer feeding frenzy mindset and to think about what we are doing."

Buy Nothing Day began more than a decade ago, and was the work of Adbusters , an anti-consumerism group. The organization wants shoppers on the Friday after Thanksgiving to step back and make a small choice not to shop.

Liszewski, "It's symbolic. It's meant to focus Americans more on what we should be focused on, you know? We always talk a good game about values, but we don't put them into practice."

A few years ago, supporters thought maybe a million people in 65 countries would take part in Buy Nothing Day, but in the Midlands WIS found very few who knew what it was. Shopper Jamie Pruitt won't be participating, "I couldn't do it, to be honest. No."

Some shoppers, like Arlen Jones, say they agree with the philosophy behind a one-day boycott on buying, "That could make sense. I mean it saves a lot of hassle, that's for sure."

Hawkins, though she's still shopping, can understand the idea, "I think we have a lot. I think it's better, bigger. You know, you look at bigger houses and bigger cars and everything, and I agree with that. But I'm still right in the middle of it, just as much as everybody else."

Some of the items people bought Friday may be necessities, but many are not. Those who back Buy Nothing Day say it wouldn't hurt to at least think about why we feel we need so much.

Reported by Jack Kuenzie

Posted 7:30pm by Chantelle Janelle