Pennsylvania teens sighted at truck stop

(Lititz, PA-AP) November 14, 2005 - Police say a missing 14-year-old and the 18-year-old accused of abducting her have been spotted at a truck stop in central Pennsylvania.

Police say David Ludwig gunned down the girl's parents before taking off with Kara Beth Borden. Police believe the two were dating.

The police chief in Lititz says the couple have been "positively identified" at the truck stop about 90 miles from the girl's home. The chief says Ludwig has cut his hair to a length of about one inch.

A shift manager at a Subway sandwich shop at the truck stop says she sold the two a sub Monday morning. Amanda Workman tells the Associated Press the girl's "face was all puffy." Workman adds, "You could tell she was crying."

Officials say each parent was killed with a single gunshot to the head. Police say Kara Beth's sister saw Ludwig kill her father after the parents had been arguing with him.

Police have expanded their search for the 18-year-old accused of killing his girlfriend's parents. Authorities say an Amber Alert for David Ludwig and 14-year-old Kara Borden now covers the entire eastern United States.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Ludwig on two counts of criminal homicide, one count of reckless endangerment and one count of kidnapping.

Authorities say the murders happened after Kara Beth argued with her parents about her curfew. A friend says the two had been dating and that her parents didn't approve of Ludwig because of the age difference.

Posted 12:44pm by Bryce Mursch