Residents return to find homes destroyed, belongings scattered

(Woodward, Iowa-AP) November 13, 2005 - Some Iowa residents returned home Sunday to find their houses ruined and their belongings scattered.

At least ten towns in Iowa were hit by tornadoes on Saturday.

Hardest hit were Woodward, where up to 40 homes were destroyed, and Stratford, where an elderly woman was killed and some 32 homes leveled.

One woman was in bed when her house collapsed around her. She says she "heard a big whoosh and a big boom," then her house came down.

She and her husband's car was covered in rubble. Their boat was thrown hundreds of feet away. But Sunday, they were happy to find some of their NASCAR collectibles amid the debris.

Another man who lost his home was thrilled to find his two dogs safe in the garage.

Officials say they think everyone's accounted for, but they'll search with dogs to make sure no one is buried by rubble.

Posted 7:03pm by Graeme Moore