Sony halts production of music CDs with copy-protection scheme

(Washington/National-AP) November 11, 2005 - Sony BMG Music Entertainment is going to stop making (for the time being anyway) music CDs with anti-piracy technology.

The world's second largest music label has been criticized for using the technology, which can leave computers vulnerable to hackers.

While defending its right to keep customers from copying music illegally, Sony says it'll stop making CDs with the "XCP" technology as a precautionary measure.

The technology, which works only on Windows computers, prevents making more than a few copies of a CD and keeps customers from loading the CD's songs onto Apple Computer's popular i-Pod portable music players.

The announcement comes a day after leading security companies said hackers were distributing malicious programs over the Internet that exploit the anti-piracy technology's ability to avoid detection.

Posted 3:24pm by Graeme Moore