Additional Info

Our Team Information:

Chapel in the Woods/Amick Farms Mercy Team Foundation

Rev. Jerry Brunson or Dr. John Parler

121 Homested Rd.

Batesburg-Leesville , SC 29070


Other information:

Carolina Honduras Foundation Headquarters

Dr. Henry W. Gibson

PO Box 528

Barnwell , SC 29812

Eleanor Cooper

Cruzada Del Evangelio

Apdo No 358

La Ceiba , Honduras

Team Members

Dr. John and Ann Parler, Leesville , SC

Rev. Jerry Brunson, Saluda , SC

Alex and Nellie Cordero, Saluda , SC

Tony and Sharon Cockrell, Batesburg , SC

Paul Corley, Batesburg , SC

Hannah Nelson, Columbia , SC

Sherrie Culler, Leesville , SC

Walker Gaddy, Columbia , SC

Dr. Bob and Pat Smith, Prosperity, SC

Angela Clamp, Gilbert , SC

Much Needed Prescription Drugs for the Clinic Pharmacy

Antihistimine Tablets

Antihistimine/Decongestants-Tablets & liquids

Cough & cold Tablets & Liquids

Expectorant/Decongestant Tablets & Liquids

Acetaminophen 325mg & 500mg Tablets

Acetaminophen Children's Liquid

Acetaminophen Pediatric Drops

Ibuprofen 400mg, 600mg & 800mg

Ibuprofen Children's Liquid


Tramadol/Acetaminophen Tablets

Antibiotic Suspensions, especially Amoxicillin

Any Antiobiotic Tablets/capsules

Diabetic Meds, especially all dosage forms of Metformin

Insulin & Syringes


All types of Blood pressure meds


Heart meds

BHP meds (ie. Flomax)

H2 antagonists (especially Pepcid)

Ophthalmic Antibiotics

Otic Antibiotics


Antifungal Creams

Vaginal Yeast creams

Antibiotic Creams

Benadryl Creams

Nystatin Suspension

Primaquin Tablets