Parents volunteer babies for early reading lessons

(Charleston) Nov. 10, 2005 - One doctor claims he can teach your baby to read before the age most kids even enter school. His success story involves a two-year-old girl who reads better than many kids older than her.

Is Savanaah Winther a normal two year old? Not long after the age most kids learn to talk, Savanaah's family says she can read.

"Savanaah, the little girl you just met, is reading better than the average eight year old in the U.S.," says Dr. Robert Titzer, the creator of "Your Baby can Read," a program that he says can teach kids as young as six-months-old to read.

By 14 months, he says your child may be reading a newspaper.

Savanaah and her brother Harrison watch DVDs on which they see the word, then the meaning. Titzer says the babies memorize the words first, then recognize and understand them.

Her father is amazed, "Everyday I am flabbergasted."

As a mom to be, WIS' Kara Gormley wanted to watch Savanaah and test her. Savanaah passed Kara's quizzing, and not just with flash cards and books.

The little girl knows her way around a map. Savanaah identified Oklahoma and a state a little closer to Kara's roots.

Kara: "Savanaah this is where I'm from. Which is this?"

Savanaah: "New York."

Kara: "That's right. That's where my mom and dad live. "

So is Savanaah a kid genius, or is Dr. Titzer on to something?

Melissa, Dirk, and Abby are putting the program to the test. They're three babies from three different families all from the Midlands.

Abby's mom, Paige Scruggs, has her doubts, "It seems unreal that some child could learn to read at two, though."

But when we put on the DVDs for the first time the babies seemed interested. Parent Eddie Peeples, "He likes it."

Dirk watched intently. Melissa's eyes seemed to follow along, Abby seemed to even lean into the screen.

The parents, when they watched their kids respond, got excited. Melissa's mom, Elvira Perez says, "Everything is clear, clear for the babies-- yes! I think it's going to work."

Aletra Peeples is willing to give it some credit, "It may work. It just may work. You never know."

WIS is going to follow Dirk, Melissa and Abby on their journey to see "if your baby can read."

To learn more about the DVDs, you can visit the Infant Learning Company>>

Reported by Kara Gormley

Posted 11:00pm by Chantelle Janelle