Janae's Diary

First Night:
We stopped and ate at Rush's. We had a nice conversation about what we like to do, shared interests and dislikes.

I was really welcomed by the family dog, Zoe. OMG...I love the dog and Haley. I also like Aimee's room, it's very creative and unique.

I woke up at 5:15, got dressed and ready to leave. Cameron followed me in Aimee's room and I'm ready to go see what the school is like.

Student government is very interesting, nice welcoming kids, very organized...love it!!! Interesting meetings and ideas, outspoken people. Talked about their spirit week and ideas to make it interesting.

* Students get breakfast until 9:20.

Today was good. I was more active since the cameras were gone. I, ummm, had a good morning because I woke up later. Everyone kept asking how I liked the school and stuff. All the teachers were cool and original.

I was on TV this morning. I talked to a lot more people. Also, I went to cheerleader practice. That was interesting and I also received a camera to take pictures so I can have a personal CD w/all that I noticed and people I hung out with. We also went to the mall. That was interesting and bought a few things.

SCHOOL WAS AMAZIING TODAY! I LOVE IT HERE!!!! I actually wouldn't mind attending school here. I like it much better. And check this, I even know my way around and it's like only the 2nd day. How cool is that?

Ok, today I'm in Cosmetology class. I didn't know it was so big but its fun. I like it at least. So far every thing is going good and the people are mad crazy and cool. I found my way to class ALONE today and I learned some cheers in English class. It was so fun today in English. I also did a survey for their yearbook. That was cute.

Ok, Mr. Cann is so nice & he gave me a gift since today is technically my last school day. It was so nice, I loved it so much.

Lunch was good. I got to see CAV Idol…which was very talented and amazing.

Math class was very different today. It was more hands-on and it was good today.

Econ. Is very informative. We found out some news about the government which was really insightful. I loved my 1st to last days here.

It was a very memorable event in my life. Hopefully it will continue next year.

"Telling a lie is like seeing a ghost – It can come back to haunt you!"

- Mr. Cann's classroom!!!