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Steve Durham, Master Acura Certified Mechanic
Steve Durham, Master Acura Certified Mechanic

Ready to get your gas cost back to under $2 a gallon?? It's not just the type of car you drive…it's how you drive and maintain it !

I'm Steve Durham, a Master Acura Certified for the McDaniels Auto Group and a 20 year veteran here's a list of top tips on driving and maintaining your vehicle to improve gas mileage by up to 20 % !!!


Gain serious fuel economy just by slight driving habit changes.

Of'd expect me to say - Keep a constant TRACK of YOUR FUEL CONSUMPTION , a sudden drop in MPG means trouble. Then it's time to skip to THE VEHICLE.

Warm-up is over-rated.... just accelerate slowly as you pull out for first 200 yards.

Avoid long uses more gas than you think.

Reach your desired speed with a steady foot on the accelerator and try coasting to stop.

Don't make sudden starts and abrupt stops….safe and steady.

Choose a route that allows you to maintain a steady pace. Plan your route to avoid stop-and-start conditions and heavy traffic. Be aware of the traffic ahead of you to avoid constant speed changes.

Don't ride the BRAKE, if manual downshift to help slow.

Use the CRUISE CONTROL.... it aids in keeping a steady speed and can help gain up to 3mpg.


We all know the basics about tire pressure but here are some lesser known GAS-GUZZLERS and the fuel you can save.

Make sure the THERMOSTAT is operating properly. A thermostat that is stuck open delays engine warm-up, and a cold engine uses twice as much fuel as a warm engine.

OIL and FILTER …. Old oil increases friction. Ask for a energy-saving oil if possible.

DRIVE BELTS... check for good condition and proper tension.

Replace old and/or re-gap SPARK PLUGS. (+2 to +4%) Also, check the SPARK PLUG WIRES for any defects and any broken or cracked casing. Any problems with wires will fail to rpoduce maximum power to the plugs...and of course slow engine efficiency.

Replace a DIRTY AIR FILTER (up to 9%), this is commonly over-looked and normally VERY INEXPENSIVE to fix.

Check to see that the front end is in ALIGNNMENT. A misaligned front end actually has wheels going in different directions creating additional drag.

Replace the PCV valve as needed.

Check the the COOLING SYSTEM on a regular basis..