Medical Imaging Cost Comparisons - - Columbia, South Carolina

Medical Imaging Cost Comparisons

Average Cost Of An MRI

Hospital: $1600*

Palmetto Imaging / Lexington Open MRI: $650

Procedure savings: $950

Out-Of-Pocket Costs (20% patient responsibility)

Hospital: 20%= $320

Palmetto Imaging / Lexington Open MRI: $130

Immediate savings: $190

*Charge does not include radiologist bill.

Additional Advantages at Palmetto Imaging / Lexington Open MRI

  • All Insurance Accepted
  • Substantial Discounts for Self Pay/Uninsured Patients
  • Preferred Option For High Deductible Plans
  • One, Easy To Read Bill
  • Friendly Outpatient Environment
  • American College of Radiology Accredited Facilities
  • Board Certified. On-Site Radiologist
  • Accredited Technologists
  • Convenient Locations & Parking 
  • Quick Results Back To Your Physician
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