Iraq's parliament approves constitution compromise

(Baghdad, Iraq - AP) October 12, 2005 - There's word that Iraq's parliament has given a thumbs-up to a last-minute compromise on the country's draft constitution.

It's an effort to win support from Sunni Muslims ahead of Saturday's vote.

Wednesday's special parliament session ended without a vote. But the parliament speaker said a vote wasn't necessary, and the amendments were approved.

The changes provide for a way to consider changing the constitution after it's approved in a nationwide vote.

The next parliament would set up a commission to consider amendments.

Sunnis have been campaigning to defeat the charter. But the compromise could boost the chances that voters will approve it. Insurgent violence aimed at sidetracking that process continued Wednesday.

A suicide bomber killed 30 Iraqis at an army recruiting center.

Posted 4:55pm by Kaela Harmon