TRACKING FLORENCE: Here are some storm safety tips for manufactured homes

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COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - The Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina has issued a guide with safety information for South Carolinians who live in manufactured homes.

One out of every five South Carolina families lives in a manufactured home.

Substantially tougher wind safety standards went into effect in 1994 after Hurricane Andrew.

Federal law requires that a home built and installed after 1994 in the nine South Carolina counties nearest the coast must withstand winds of 100 mph. Homes placed inland must be able to withstand sustained wind gusts of 80 miles per hour.

South Carolina counties prone to hurricane-force winds are labeled Wind Zone II: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Horry, Jasper, and Williamsburg.

All manufactured homes come with a "data plate," which is usually in a utility closet near the breaker panel on a kitchen cabinet. This plate will state what wind zone the home was built for.

However, homes manufactured prior to 1976 were not constructed to the current federal building code for manufactured homes. They are designated as "mobile homes" and may not have a data plate of wind zone rating.

Storm Safety Tips for Manufactured Homes:

  • Know the age of your home. Know what wind level the home is designed to withstand.
  • Verify that your home was installed properly.
  • Do your own inspection.

Homeowners should evacuate their manufactured homes when local authorities recommend evacuation, regardless of whether their house is site-built or factory-built.

For more information please contact at or 860-680-2561.

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