Underwater treadmill helps fat cat shed pounds

Underwater treadmill helps fat cat shed pounds

URBANDALE, IA (WHO/CNN) – If you hate working out to shed weight, hopefully this story will inspire you.

A fat feline named George is stepping off the pounds on an underwater treadmill – and we all know how cats feel about water.

George is blessed with beautiful hair and beautiful eyes, but he's cursed with an insatiable appetite.

Aimee Good, George's owner, has five other decent-sized cats, but she said George is "by far and away the biggest," at 17.5 pounds.

"He just likes to eat. He's a sneaky guy. He sneaks into the food," she said.

Good doesn't want the 12-year-old Himalayan developing diabetes, so she brought George to Urban Pet Hospital in Urbandale.

"I mean, you can't really take a cat out and take it for a walk," Good said.

First, George got laser treatments to loosen him up. Then came his big workout on the facility's underwater treadmill.

Good is hoping George will lose 5 pounds, almost a third of his body weight.

"I was a little unsure how he would do," she said. "I mean, we all just kind of said, 'Let's give it a shot.'"

So far, George is following the doctor's orders.

"He's doing a good job. As well as you can expect for a cat on a treadmill," she said.

He's up to six minutes, three times a week.

In five or six months, doctors said George will have shed his extra pounds like he sheds his abundant hair.

"I was really hoping that this would work for him, and it seems to really be going well," Good said.

So, how much does this training cost? It varies based on the length of the sessions.

For George, it's $260 for the first 10 sessions.

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