SC man freed from jail, attorney says he was the victim of 'malicious prosecution'

SC man freed from jail, attorney says he was the victim of 'malicious prosecution'

BAMBERG, SC (WIS) - A Midlands attorney says his client was the victim of "malicious prosecution."

In April 2018, Demetrius Jamison was confronted by Orangeburg police officers before being tased and arrested. Now Jamison's lawyer is asking for an internal investigation. The officers who made the arrest that day say Demetrius Jamison attacked them…but his attorney says that's just not true and that the officer's body cameras prove it.

The attorney says Jamison was walking home on April 26 when he was approached by officers.

Jamison admitted to having a small amount of marijuana on him and handed the drugs over to police without incident, but the police body cameras show as officers notified Jamison that he was being placed under arrest, he attempted to run on foot.

After a brief chase, Jamison was taken into custody and later charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature after officials claimed that Jamison resisted and headbutted an officer.

During Wednesday's press conference, Jamison's attorney argued that his client was falsely accused. He says a memo released by the Department of Public Safety confirms that the officers' accounts of what happened that day don't match up with what's being seen on the body cam footage.

"I found that while the use of force was consistent to training and the department policies, the charges are not," Bamberg said. "The suspect in question was charged with aggravated assault for headbutting an officer. None of the body camera footage shows this to be a true recollection of events."

A memo – written by an official with the Department of Public Safety – was withheld from the prosecution, which Bamberg says resulted in Jamison being denied bond and spending 127 days in jail.

Last week, the solicitor's office dropped the assault and battery charge of a high and aggravated nature, and Jamison was released on Friday, but his attorney says that's not enough. What he's asking for from the city after he says his client faced malicious prosecution.

We reached out to the Department of Public Safety and the solicitor's office for comment but have not heard back.

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