Work near Bull street to fix flooding deemed necessary, amid tra - - Columbia, South Carolina

Work near Bull street to fix flooding deemed necessary, amid traffic concerns

Construction on Wallace Street (Source: WIS) Construction on Wallace Street (Source: WIS)
(Source: WIS) (Source: WIS)

Starting Monday you're going to want to give yourself more driving time through part of Downtown Columbia.

If you take Bull street, you may see delays on the inbound lanes of Bull Street from 277 near the intersection of Victoria and Franklin Streets.

The city is closing the two right lanes and shifting traffic to the far left lane and the median. This is all part of a project on nearby Wallace Street designed to improve the drainage on a street which sees localized flooding during heavy rain.

Some residents on the street like Robin Spaniel, applaud the work being done, even though it might cause a slight problem with your commute.

"When it rains very hard, the flooding comes very quickly and as quickly as it comes, it leaves very quickly, I would say it probably floods for 15 to twenty minutes," said Spaniel.

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Even in that short amount of time, she says there are concerns that water can create damage to her home and those of her neighbors.

"When it floods it almost reaches the first step of the porch and it does grow under the crawlspace and causes a little bit of ruckus," said Spaniel.

Joey Jaco, Director of utilities for Columbia Water, says he understands the work might cause a traffic headache, however, he says it is work that needs to be done.

"In order to improve your utility, you have to dig. As a part of that, there is a disruption. So whereas this may be a disruption, it's also signs of progress," said Jaco.

Spaniel says it's something she'll hope others will understand.

"When you're doing construction it is cumbersome, it is hard. However, it's for a short amount of time and hopefully, the improvements outweigh the hassles of going through some traffic or having things blocked off," said Spaniel.

Aside from fixing drainage officials say they will also work to replace the pipes that carry drinking water into your home. City officials expect the 6.4 million dollar project to wrap up by the winter time this year.

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