Website provides Katrina evacuees with employment assistance

(Columbia) Sept. 21, 2005 - The next big hurtle for Columbia's Gulf Coast hurricane transplants is finding employment.

The Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce has launched an interactive website, making the process a little easier. The online database can be launched from the GCCC website or visited directly at

The website was designed and donated by The Rackes Group. The site features "Find a Job" and "Find an Employee" functions.

Employers can enter a description of the skills they seek and employees can post their skills and qualifications. A match will be made on common attributes.

A Microsoft Word document of the prospective job or candidate can be generated and delivered via e-mail or by hand if necessary when new postings are submitted. Job seekers living in hotels without internet access will be assisted with on-line registration and postings.

Posted 5:45pm by Chantelle Janelle