B-25 bomber breaks surface of Lake Murray for first time in decades

(Lake Murray) Sept. 19, 2005 - Crews worked all day Monday, carefully following procedures to safely pull up a historic B-25 bomber from the bottom of Lake Murray.

After sunset, the bomber was visible above the lake's surface. John Adams Hodge has been working on the project from planning to execution, a process that took years, "It's been absolutely fantastic this evening. We've spent well over ten years planning this event. And I'll tell you, there were times along the process whent people felt that maybe just a bunch of guys getting together organizing this were not as effective as a government agency or a corporation or something like that."

But he is proud of his team's work, "We assembled a world-class team and the guys worked extremely hard this week. Ten days on the water, some of these people were on the barge for 36 hours straight. The plane is on the beach. It'll be in its resting place in a sling in just a few minutes, and then off to the museum in just a few days. So we're absolutely excited about this."

He says that crew did their job right, "It's tedious, it's technical, but the main thing is just to be patient and make sure everything's done right and slowly and deliberately."

It'll be on the lake shore for about three or four days, then off to a museum in Alabama. It will take five or six years for the restoration process there.

Reported by Tamara King

Posted 12:05am by Chantelle Janelle