B-25 still at the bottom of Lake Murray

(Columbia) September 17, 2005 - Despite crews being one step closer to pulling that B-25 bomber out of Lake Murray, the world war two plane that has been hidden at the bottom of the lake more than half a century it's going to have to stay that way for a few more days.

Now the waiting game has become somewhat of a spectator sport.

People of all ages are anxiously waiting to catch a glimpse of the B-25 aircraft when it emerges from Lake Murray.

Residents like Tonya Brown are looking forward to seeing the plane.

"I've always heard my grandma say planes fell in the water, so i finally get a chance to see something that really happened a long time ago."

The world war two bomber crashed into the lake during a training mission in 1943.

Now rescue crews are working to pull the aircraft out of it's watery grave.

Crew member John Adams Hodge compares the experience to bringing life into the world.

"It's kinda like watching a baby being born, it pops out and there it is pretty good shape."

The plan for Saturday afternoon was to have cranes bring the B-25 ashore, but crews ran into unexpected structure damage.

Hodge says that if they had tried to lift it with the silt being in the nose of the plane, the nose could have separated. So it will take a few more days before the aircraft is retrieved.

Word spread quickly that the bomber wouldn't surface but people say no matter when the plane comes up, they're in it for the long haul.

Hodge says the rescue project is a waiting game that shouldn't be rushed.

"It happens when it happens..there is no need to rush to put our own impatience over the fact we want a beautiful aircraft sitting on the beach in one piece that be conserved and restored."

Reported by Tamara King

Posted 9:38 pm by Kaela Harmon